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Youre coming down to Tulum so naturally you want to research .. What is there to do in Tulum? Find out some of the Things to do in Tulum. The town of Tulum itself, is quite small, therefore a lot of the things to do in Tulum, are in the surrounding areas. Tulum sits off the water by about a kilometer but of course the reason it is on the map is because of the Mayan Riviera itself. Starting south of Cancun, Tulum has been exposed as people visiting Cancun came further south through Playa del Carmen and eventually onto Tulum. Tulum beach is a must, but you do need someone to tell you that. If you are looking for my Top 5 Things to do in Tulum, this video will outlay those for you. Remember, this is my personal opinion of what to do in Tulum having lived in the area for a few years. I am not saying these are the ONLY things to do in Tulum, or exactly what you should do in Tulum, but a few different ideas to check out different things and select which you feel is a fit for you to do while in Tulum, Mexico.

Example of OTHER things to do in Tulum, and what to do in Tulum, NOT mentioned in the video:

-Xcaret & Xel Ha Parks
-Sian Kaan Reserve
-Dos Ojos Cenote
-Visit Playa del Carmen
-Do a catamaran tour

Below are video links to videos of the places listed in this Top 5 Things to do in Tulum

Kaan Luum Lagoon, South of Tulum:
Dos Osos Cenote, South of Tulum:
Casa Cenote, North of Tulum:
Tulum Ruins:
How To Get Around Cheap:

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Turned On By The Unknowns says:

great video! I’ve just returned from Tulum as well and made a 2017 version of the must-do’s on my channel as well! feel free to compare notes!

asromasportiva says:

this guy speaks about Mexico better than a Mexican. Amazing

Cameron Pugh says:

Nice video. Headed there Jan. 4th-8th cant wait to check it out.

gilbert2303 says:

What’s the fastest and cheapest way to go to valladolid from playa ? Is it worth ? Is Merida worth a trip ?

Ryan Theroux says:

Hi Will what are your recommendations for transportation to get to Playa del Carmen in order to get to Cozumel ? We will be staying in Tulum, but wanted to know the best way to get down there for a day. Thank you!

Shukri Lipert says:

Idiot bla bla bla muss zeige bilder von tulum

deborah monore says:

Going in December. Thanks!

Kali Kearns says:

Taking my friend to the area for his first trip out of the province! These are great ideas!

Maya da Costa says:

I’m going in March

Jesus Castillo Carnalla says:

Todos esos lugares ya los visite incluso vivo en Tulum

Illuminated Solutions Unlimited says:

Tulum looks soooo chill. Definitely on the list. Love all these lifestyle videos, man… I really have a solid idea of what there is to do in the area – and the whole Riviera Maya looks amazing!!! SUBSCRIBED!! Keep the videos coming…

Juan Fernando Guevara says:

honestly the best thing about this video is how handsome the guy is…. lol.. sorry but just my personal opinion!

Charlotte Emetom says:

Flying in to Cancun tomorrow….Ruins and Cenotes are on my list!

Kris Capiendo says:

Check out my drone footage of The Arch in Cabo San Lucas Mexico!

Appy9 M says:

Awesome video Andrew!. Would you recommend renting mopeds or scooters in Tulum? Would it be cheaper and easier to ride them to places than take the ADO or Collectivo?

Andrew Kovalski says:

the title of your video is misleading you douche !

Eric Perich says:

I want to go to Tulum! Love those ruins! Great Info!! Thanks Will for Sharing!!

Julian Gottke says:

A great video! simply an amazing country! Have a look at my video from Mexico. You might like it too 🙂

Will Lees - No Regrets Lifestyle says:

Jennifer ,it will not let me reply to your comment for some reason. YouTube has issues!! Yes its definitely very easy. Are you staying in Tulum at an AirBnB? There are collectivos in all of them towns on the Riviera Maya. Tulum, Playa del Carmen, and Cancun. They connect all the towns, and the best cenotes are very close to the highway, so you can just decide on a cenote, and take the collectivos there. Just ask them to drop you off at the entrance and there should be no problem. There are a LOT of cenotes on my channel, and it usually explains how to get there. There are 2 AMAZING cenotes south of Tulum called Escondido and Cristal. Check them out!

Andrew Chapoy says:

Awesome video bro. Very informative & to the point I really liked it. My wife & I are planning on moving to Quintana Roo from Pennsylvania next year. We are still trying to decide weather we want to live in Cancun, Tulum or Playa del Carmen. We went on a Carnival cruise to Cancun & Cozumel back in 2001 & fell in love with the area. Any suggestions on where you’d choose to move to if you were in our place?

Celia Chavez says:

I’m going to tulum this summer..thank you for this talk a lot about things to do around or in tulum that others don’t speak about!!

fäny ochoä de mätä says:

how far is tulum from the resort named “blue bay grand Esmeralda” )palya Del Carmen) do you have any idea?
and also is that resort close to the fifth avenue? thanks

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