CANCUN & TULUM 2017 – How much it cost for a 6 day trip 🚀

CANCUN & TULUM 2017 – How much it cost for a 6 day trip 🚀

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We stayed at the JW Marriott, had Harry’s Steak, Scuba Dived with Coconut adventures, MUSA, Coco bongo, Xplor, Xel Ha, cliff jumping, playa paraiso, paradise beach, casa cenote, tulum ruins, playa del carmen.



Super Wide Angle Lens for vlogging –
GoPro –
GoPro Case (Which I should have used for the dive) –

Holiday Blues by Joakim Karud
By The Croft by Joakim Karud

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Pateando Mundos says:

Chicos que buen canal tenéis quedamos suscritos le damos nuestro apoyo, estamos en contacto, saludos desde las Islas Canarias España

Speedy Maui says:

It’s funny how he said stay away from tap water and ice…why? Might get the runs? That’s it? What about when you go back to the usa, do you tell people to stay away from gmo food? By the way you and your buddy look (pinche gordos). Dumbass. – Mexican food is by far much safer then u.s. garbage chemical filled food.

pmexplore says:

You had a busy trip.

Gaby Kelly says:

We got in Cabo San Lucas he $1.00 rental and I advice do not take it that is a ripe off . I finished paying like 400.00 dollar because they told about different things that was adding. At the end we paid more.

Jordster360 says:

Lol momma potato jet in the car


Y soy mexicano hahahah


Eso 1000 pesos de propina por unas jicamas hahaha wtf es realmente estúpido como gastan el dinero los gringos no digo que sea malo pero enserio me deja impactado

rifelife says:

Always love the vids man – rooting for your iPhone one to hit 1 million!

Alba Monica says:

was about to like an subscribe because of the tips but then you said the water and “developing country” stuff

AJ Massage says:


Irene Ingenue says:

I’ll never forget getting sick from brushing my teeth and using (Mexican) faucet water. When i saw the water bottle I realized I had forgot. We don’t do that here at home in the U.S.. I don’t drink tap water here because of the fluoride. Big mistake for forgetting . Lol

Padridistraining says:

Great review! We did one ourselves at where you can check it out and comp a deal if you’re interested.


Y soy mexicano hahahah

Eninam Tako says:

What is the total cost pls?

onecrazylife says:

Wow dude you talk too damn fast and speed through each talking point. I just had to thumbs down this vid

Jennie W says:

Great videos, tips and advice for people who need a little help lol! Also, good job giving back to the people!

Two Shea Films says:

Awesome video as usual Gene!! The trip looked amazing and for all the places I’ve been in the world, I still haven’t made it to Mexico. Love how confused that kid at the fruit stand was. I bet he figured that you just didn’t know math. hahahaha

kenzie CC says:

damn good and concise content…you rock …i’m solddd

George Brown says:

Bro! I go to Tulum and Playa Del Carmen a few times a year and it’s never that expensive! I always go the Airbnb route and I have my own spot, not shared, with a private poll for $50 usd a night max! Smh

ScatteredBrainMatt says:

Great video, couldn’t remember when I subscribed to you or why I did, but happy I did. Enjoyed watching this video. Makes me want to plan a vacation.

Anna Alvarado says:

This is literally one of the best Cancun videos, I’ve seen. Thank you so much for being so honest about everything and how much you spent. I also absolutely loved what you did with the donating of the money you make from YouTube, I love that <3 I hope many blessings come your way

Bruce Henderson says:

The car rental deal is they hammer you on the insurance or you post a huge deposit with your credit card ($2500) and you are responsible for a new tire if you get a flat or new windshield if there is a chip etc. The car I rented was going flat as I got in so I asked for another. The next car had a dirty windshield and when I washed it I saw the huge chip. They claimed I just did it but I pointed out I hadn’t left the lot yet. So they are scamming you for insurance fees and repair fees. BEWARE…

MTM-DM says:

I love how you give away your adsence money. So cool.

bee barneey says:


Ray G says:

Great great video bro

Jessika Lange says:

I love watching your videos because you’re honest about how much you spent on everything. So useful!

Sharinda Williams says:

Whew…Ya’ll were making it rain in Cancun!

Eric Morrison says:

ba’ax ka wa’alik

Eden Sam says:

That’s roughly the same price of an all inclusive resort isn’t it??

Lyvetta Eastman says:

Amazing video

Christian R says:

Thank you for the advice!

Hazel Morales says:

I just loooove it… I am from Costa Rica, planning to go cancun with my husband, and your video helps me a lot… Thank you!! Btw try to visit CR you would love it (but it will be more expensive for suure)

diebolo says:

When ur third viewer but you get a 1:05 unskippable ad 🙁

asif hussain says:

Nice tips.. it’s very nice of you tipping people

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