Searching for Whale Sharks in Isla Holbox (VLOG #3)

My third day exploring Isla Holbox, Mexico! We spent three days discovering this beautiful island destination. This vlog features a whale shark tour with VIP Holbox Experience and, even though we didn’t find any whale sharks, it was an incredible day of snorkeling and exploring!

A Himitsu – Adventures:
My Bikini:
VIP Holbox Experience:






xZxdorkxZx says:

When in may was this?

Death By Ostrich says:

I’m a big consumer of travel Vlogs, and they’re all turning into Blonde babes with camera’s anymore… Nothing wrong with that, but the shitty music is the same across all the vlog’s too. Change it up. please.

Perfect Little Planet says:

Hahaha, I love the reality check at 6:01. Too bad you didn’t find any whale sharks. Sounds like a good excuse to have to go back! 🙂

Robert Dominguez says:

My god. Lady you are unbelievably beautiful, you look like a sculpture!!

iamjmp says:

I need to go to isla holbox. Cool video sorry no whale sharks

Eduardo A. Brito says:

Isla Holbox is awesome! Spent several days there recently.

Robert Dominguez says:

Hi blonde
I ran on to one of your videos and loved it, subscribed to your channel and watched another one and another one. Nice videos, I like your style
very down to earth and very beautiful. Have fun wherever you go.

Olivia says:

Where are your sunglasses from? I love them!!

Jake Deveaux says:

Hi, I just found your blogger site which is good though I am new on blogger.

BetoLaCebra says:

You must visit other parts from México, Please 😀
I from México, I love your vídeos.

Daisy Eales says:

Genuinely love these vlogs hahaha! Makes me so sad to be at home in Melbourne working in the freezing cold! I hope you vlog your next adventure xx

donmathy says:

can you please tell me the name from your airbnb apartment? we are going in two weeks and searching for a place to stay…thank you!

maria bov says:

Keep doing more vlogs!

Cécilia - The Fashion Corner says:

Love your vlogs 🙂

Fremen Warrior says:

We were there about six years ago. Stayed at the Hotel Casa de las Tortugas. Did manage to see some whale sharks. It was in July. Yes, there were mosquitoes, but it was worth it.

Leonard Montecino says:

Nice vlogs, Kiersten! I actually photographed you many years ago at a studio in Riverside, CA. So long ago! lol. Anyway, what camera are you using for your vlogs? Very curious. Keep up the great content!

Apure Guria! says:

awesome video! <3 churros!!

ramiro orozco says:

Just came back from Holbox. I was looking for you, to invite you a marquesita, so I had to eat my marquesita all alone. You are hard to find, harder than the whaleshark!

Bushcraft Trials says:

This is amazing! Had heard about Holbox before, but your vid really showed me more! What time of the year were you there? We’re planning our honey moon and Holbox would be great, but the mosquito thing kind of sucks…
Thanks and take care!

# Awesome says:

Nice video !

MakingMashUp says:

Fantastic blondiee! Good vlog <3

Christian Schrade says:

That turtle at 3:33 is like: “waddup bro, you okay?”

Bilz Azam says:

Great start of V logs Krist !!… Which camera you are using foe these Vlogs? or is it with mobile?

Vilas Sheldon says:

did you rent the snorkeling equipment?


Hello what is the name of last restaurant? Thanks

Travel in Your Twenties says:

Obsessed with this vlog – cannot wait to get to Mexico in May! Sometimes I wish I lived in America, so much easier to get to cool places (i.e Mexico), New Zealand is forever away!

Luis Murillo says:

Great videos, thank you for posting them, they are helping a lot, ’cause i’m planning to visit some mayan ruins in January(Palenque-Tikal-Tulum) and then Cancun and HOOOOOLBOX…beautiful and perfect to relax and finish a (I hope) great trip, and your videos are giving me so many great tips. Thank you!! Keep them coming!!!

xaxa says:

What’s the song name? I like your song choice 🙂

cyliavc says:

What did you use on your hair after the swim? It became detangled and so sleek

Natalia Cornide says:

What month was this filmed :)? Thanks!

jerrysalgado30 says:

i gonna life dere..i in cancun now…..nice video

Daniel Riley says:

Awesome, love your vids. We just booked for Holbox. Thanks!

dcjconsult says:

Great Vlog series! Wheres the next location going to be?!

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