Mexico’s BEST Island: ISLA HOLBOX

We couldn’t have picked a better place to end our travels in Mexico. Isla Holbox quickly became one of our favourite destinations in Mexico and we loved exploring the island. One of our favourite things to do was rent a golf cart to visit the beautiful blue beaches and the crystal clear waters. We loved the laid-back feel of Isla Holbox and think it’s a great island to explore and relax at.

Travelling to Isla Holbox? We’ve got a whole post on our blog with budget tips and how to get there:

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Mi Ka – Rainbow
Mi Ka – Clouds


Justin vargas says:

great video guys!! thanks so much

Pete Lehtinen says:

We´re going to Holbox next November, can´t wait! Thanks for the video.

Delightful Travellers says:

Amazing channel. Well done! We truly enjoyed it.

Juan m r says:

parece que está bien

I’m_oskar says:

I was ther it was beautiful

Patricio Teutles says:

very nice guys you really enjoy that places in my country thats pretty good
this is patrick from Mexico back to Mexico when wanted ok

finnboy69 says:

Thanks for sahring, cool video, heading there in November

juan carlos morales says:

excelente video saludos a los 2 dos

maa kangie says:

Wes, here 8:26 you’re squatting like a true Slav! Slavic people are proud of you 😀

Christina Flowers says:

Just found your videos…How amazing is your extensive trip throughout the local parts of Mexico!! I’d do this in a heart beat vs a 1 wk stay at a 5* tourist hotel!

Maily Woolsey says:

I really enjoy watching you guys videos and love it too, so my question is, if we stay in Cancun, can we go to this Island by bus or ? thank you an advance for the reply if you do 🙂 please keep making the Vlog, will keep follow it! Ps. You guys are amazing couple 🙂

Patricio Teutles says:

thank you guys I love Canada too but is really dificult for me go to your country because is expensive you know
but you back to Mexico guys ok and have a nice day

FEST - Foxtrot Echo Sierra Tango says:

Yer! Best Island, we do a party there! 11.Feb.17 —-> check vlog

Javier Stiglitz says:

Hi how are you guys great video I’m looking info about holbox and I find your video can you tell me how you arrive there?

Rosa Abrego says:

i came across your videos and am enjoying them so much. are there any more from Guanajuato since you were there for a whole month?

D 2 says:

Looks like a fun happy couple… My wife and I love going to Mexico… So much to do and see!

don hezca says:

another beautiful video thanks for sharing with us!

Esaú Velázquez says:

Hola que tal? Me ha gustado su vídeo, cual es el nombre de la playa que aparece por el minuto 7? En octubre iré con mi novia,pero solo estaremos un día, ya que nos estaremos hospedando en Mérida, quisiéramos solo estar en Holbox desde la mañana hasta la tarde-noche, y buscamos un lugar donde podamos pasar todo ese tiempo en la playa, y tal vez conocer al rededor del pueblo, no estamos muy interesados en los tours, mas bien en disfrutar de la playa. Alguna recomendación? Saludos

SophiaLB says:

Nice video, I’ve never heard of that place but I definitely want to go now. Saludos from CDMX

Heather CALI Mom life says:

Love watching your adventures, you guys are great

Terence Hayes says:

My wife and I have been looking for the perfect place for our first ever “hot” trip with our two boys. Our trips are usually “cold” because we do a lot of skiing. She discovered Holbox and we started watching videos. Yours has sold us. Such a great video. We’re planning for Isla Holbox, 2018. BTW… we’re north of you…. Sudbury!

beliki123 says:

fucking gringos stupids, full of bullshits


Amazing! Thanks…

Sunset Travellers says:

Holbox Island is such an amazing place. We have just published a guide on top things to do here

Ximena Gutierrez says:

Ese hombre está bien bueno

Molly Gonzalez says:

Looks great! Did it feel completely safe?

gabo Perez leon says:

Pinche isla culera esta de la vergaaa!!.todos sus putos habitantes son bien pinches groceros despotas y hostiles te ponen geta de todo vas a comer a cualquier lado y toda la comida esta culera y cara y encima de todo te atienden de la bil chingada y aun asi ellos mismos se anexan su propina, todo esta en obra negra huele bien pinche feo hay un buen de basura por todas partes pero como quiera eso se perdona pero lo de su gente pinche gente grocera apatica y que para todo te ponene geta eso no se pasa por alto en mi pinche vida regresare a esa maldita isla y encima de todo para llegar ahi el camino esta bien pinche feo hay un chingo de baches pinche lugar horrible y su puta gente peor

cmnweb says:

this place was in our plans, but was to far frm playa to go and return same day, so we go to isla mujeres, same we rent a golf car.

StreetTruckinTitan says:

Careful running in the water in mexico. You dont want to step on a sting ray. PAINFUL!!!

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