GoPro Awards: Ocean Ramsey and a Whale Shark

Captured and submitted by GoPro Awards recipients Ocean Ramsey and Juan Oliphant.

Join shark biologist and freediver Ocean Ramsey as she films with whale sharks in the Philippines to document migrating populations. Whale shark populations are at an all-time low due to finning, fishing by catch, entanglement, speedboat prop collisions, and death by ingestion of floating debris.

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Waterstrider “Black Blood”

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Vercassivellaunos says:

jesus christ, I came here to look at the shark, not to take a challange “try not to look at the sexy girl”

Matheus Gouveia says:

There are lots of beautiful videos like this on youtube. But how do they dive 10m underwater without oxygen cilinder?

MarlonMax says:

waiting Go pro to Megalodon . 🙂

baby alex says:

ok how long can she hold her breath

La-a Ladasha says:


Reese Williams says:

This shark topically endanger

Download Transfer says:

Did they won the award? If shark came out they would

Doctor Zilla says:

Absolutely stunning.

Hey, there’s a whale over there – anyone notice that? Ah, who cares about that.

Wolf Gurl says:

Wow she really can hold her breath long

WU says:

WOW! Amazing! Thank You for this footage!

matthew owens says:

Dat ass

Gabriel Walker says:

Just think we only discovered a small part of our ocean and we ain’t even close to seeing wht else is under our sea
Wht a beautiful and cracful creature that is

am sav says:

You have a very pure spirit and  heart to swim so freely with this graceful creation.    Gods grace

azv503 says:

take the shark of the picture and still get the views…

Zander Dudley says:

i would not dow that

Mike Williams says:

Gorgeous lady try to save wild life, win win!

AMarko Jovanovic MaVkO says:

Big Mega Like

Roman Jansen says:

Everything about this is amazing

Diving with Doodle says:

I’ve watched this video 12+ times. 3 minutes of swimming with whale sharks is not long enough <3 <3 <3

Fülöp Lengyel says:

I want a pet whale shark!!!

j. k says:


Check out my snorkeling videos aswell. They are recent! Also saw a whaleshark!

WalshedUp says:

Get $100 OFF GoPro HERE –

Andrew B. says:

I wish that damn fish would get out OF the way of why we really ALL came! 😉

Lazy Wizard says:

0:46 My mate literally thought the Whale shark swallowed

freedom freedom says:

Beautiful but so scary

Anna Cas says:

Que hermoso y grande que es! muy buenas tomas.

Paul Mitford says:

Why show the diver? We want to see the whale shark not some silly scag.

Sylvia Olinda Andrade says:

criatura belíssima e uma linda mulher!

Jim Stogey says:

I want this kind of life. Theres a certian bond with animals tgats just…. Amazingly beautiful. Something that is impossible to create with fellow man.

The Mighty Mushroom says:

There a amazing and beautyful creatures underwater, I can’t believe how cruel people can be to kill these creatures.

Maurizio Candido says:

minchia che femmina da pecorina

jesterfun123 says:

1:11 – San Diego….Like if you get the joke 🙂

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