Top 5 Things To Do in Playa del Carmen | What To Do in Playa del Carmen


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Top 5 Things To Do in Playa del Carmen | What To Do in Playa del Carmen

Here are my personal Top 5 Things to do when you are coming down to Playa del Carmen. Playa del Carmen was put on the map because of the traffic of tourism attracted to Cancun, and eventually Playa del Carmen was going to be discovered. A few decades ago, Playa del Carmen, which is now one of the fastest growing towns in the world, was nothing more than a small fishing village. With the expansion of tourism along, what is now known as the Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen has grown at an incredible rate, all thanks to tourism. As you can imagine, with tourism, influx of money and people, there is a strong need for things to do, activities and tourist attractions while in Playa del Carmen. Of course, it is known for the beaches but people these days want more than just sitting on a beach, especially when you are coming down for longer than a week, or an indefinite trip. This video explains my Top 5 What to do in Playa del Carmen.

Listed below are a number of other videos on this channel which show some other incredible things to do in the Playa del Carmen area and the Mayan Riviera in general.

Top 5 Things to do in Playa del Carmen when it rains:

Cenote Cristalino:

Akumal Beach, south of Playa del Carmen:

Mamitas Beach Club, downtown Playa del Carmen:

Xpu – Ha Beach, south of Playa del Carmen:

If you feel like I missed some of the top things to do in Playa del Carmen, make sure to write them in the description for other travellers coming to the Playa del Carmen area!


Ale Mil says:

aqui les dejo el link del video playa carmen Go Pro ( X Caret + Tulum + Chichen itza + Coba + Hotel Sandos Resort)

Marianne Bourdon says:

super gefällt mir sehr gut super

Enrique 'far' Martinez says:

hi…I will be going to PDC march 18 to 27, (in about 2 more weeks) my question is …do you know if there’s a chance to get arond native ppl??, I wanna enjoy pdc but don’t want to be around tourist all the time..please don’t get me wrong..

#DRaulote raulcardona says:

Hey you forgot Xcaret at night show

Katja Diedrich says:

Hi Will THX for your great Videos. We are big México Fans. We stay there in July 15 and had our marriage there. Now we will use the colectivos. Have you got a Video or tips for using? Greets from Germany

Travel n Treasure says:

See my Playa Del Carmen, Cozumel and Coba pyramid and more here

Blaze VR says:

Nice vid!! Can’t wait. Please tell me Will, I am looking at studying remotely. Is the internet okay for on-line studies/and streaming video for instruction on-line or are there frequent issues with going suddenly off-lline in local homes/apts. The weekends will be awesome to explore some of your suggestions!! 🙂

Randy Magnusen says:

Thanks for the recommendations! I’ll be out there next week. I’ll be out there getting a feel for everything as I consider a move there for 6 months. I’ve  been watching a ton of videos on YouTube regarding Playa lately, Mexico Minute, etc… all very helpful info. Gracias!

Daniel Rivera says:

Hey thanks so much for posting this video it was very informative.  I will be in PDC this coming Friday the 7th and wanted to know if you knew of where to do a jetski/atv tour.  I saw a jetski tour which included snorkeling but the sight looked kind of shady.

christiki295 says:

Very informative, although I would have preferred additional scenes of Cozumel.

ashish batra says:

best description I have found for things to do in this place, good job, just subscribed.

heather boudreau says:

we love fishing is there any place close to playa car palace resort for fishing

Pineapple29 says:

what’s with the fucking squealing in the background

Ryleigh Hilbert says:

going end of february,is it as busy as everyone says?what’s the weather like?video so helpful as well.thanks

Xavier Gomez says:

How much is it to go to explor adventure park?

hannah gadd says:

Hi, im travelling to Cancun for 2wks the beginning of June it will be our 2nd time in Cancun we have stayed in Playa mujures and this year we are staying south of Cancun at the moonpalace. I love 52nd street/ave the swing bars are great and i totally agree about the cenotes the water is so fresh you can open your eyes under water an see so clearly .I was wondering what the temp reaches in June pls. PS: I loved your videos .

Cole O'Connor-Stratton says:

Hey Looking to move to PDC just wondering how is the internet speeds and reliability?

Sari Folsom says:

I am going here for spring break. I am going to Mahekal. How is the water in Mexico. City water gives me terrible headaches so I am a little nervous

S Brown says:

Hey Will! I will be staying at the Gran Porto Resort in the summer and looking into booking a excursion with Xplor Facilities. They have some really cool activities you could partake in. Do you have any input regarding the resort and the Xplor Facilities site to purchase my ticket?

Jorge Chan says:

servicio de taxi 24hrs reservaciones 984 806 89 27 destinos : xcaret , xplor , tulum, aeropuerto cancun Chichén itza etc

Khadra M says:

Hi I’m going in December. How’s the weather during that time and the tourist flow? THANKS your video was super helpful.

Ben says:

coco bongo?

Paolo Oamar says:

great tips. thank you!

Mary Ross says:

I am a college student going for spring break and renting a condo, where are some cool bars/clubs to go to?

Robert Otley says:

Hello cool video! quick question…me and my girlfriend are going to Playa de Carmon…we are staying at the blue bay grand ezmerelda. we are from a crappy little town in Canada and don’t have a tun of street smarts. is this a safe place to go where you know….you won’t get murdered or beat up or anything like that?

Trish Elliott says:

We will be staying at a resort but want to visit Playa del Carmen. Very interested in visiting one of the Cenotes too. Looking for information on those and also transportation from the resort to Playa . We are at the Grand Mayan. Any suggestions and help is appreciated.

heather boudreau says:

what things can i bring for locals from canada ,,we want to go on a tour to check out mexico i like bringing gifts but never know really what they would like me to bring them

Travel n Treasure says:

Thanks very much will !

Manager HOA says:

Loved the video! Heading out there in August. We will be cave diving so who do you recommend?

jojo 2281 says:

Thanks, Ill be in Playa del Carmen in Oct.. Ill deff do some of these things..

Rashod Bumpers says:

Food recommendations??? And also, do you think we should go down to Tulum for better beaches??

gilbert2303 says:

Will lees- I’m staying in dt playa, close to the Walmart actually. I like to walk, are there any areas I need to avoid in terms of dafter and safety at night ? I want to explore city other then fifth avenue.

Vera Pouls says:

nice video, i also did put some videos from Playa del Carmen on Youtube. Would be nice if you also would subscribe my channel?

David Freeman says:

Worst comments on Playa. 1.Isla Mujeres, 2.Tulum, 3. beaches of Playa(;walk past the terminal to Cozumel)4. Cozumel 5. La Vaquita. Rookie traveler.

steve eat the sun says:

hi ! im going there in march . it is a safe place ? thanks for the video 🙂

Mayflies In March says:

Do we need to be worried about Mexican Drug Cartels kidnapping or robbing people on tour buses? what is the level of security? Just wondering.

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