The BEST Cenotes Near Playa del Carmen [Between Cancun & Tulum]

Discover the best cenotes near Playa del Carmen in Mexico’s Riviera Maya in the Yucantan Peninsula. Catch a collectivo with us as we head towards Tulum to explore three of our favorites in the area: Cenote Azul, Cenote Cristalino, and Cenote Eden.

Playa del Carmen and Tulum have beautiful beaches, but you can have just as much fun at a cenote with fresh cool water, colorful fish, and cliff jumping.

What does word cenote mean? How much does each cenote cost? Which cenote is our favorite? Find out in the video!

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Sandi Lunders says:

I would LOVE to come to Mexico and swim in the cenotes. You guys are great. Love your videos!

Jay Rod says:

Can you take your own food when visiting these cenotes?

motogriso1 says:

Where do you put your stuff while swimming to prevent your stuff walking away?

Victor vasquez says:

I love seeing your adventures together

CandyOh1 says:

I have been to a few cenotes with the best travel guides! Jim and May! Great video you two!

Michael James says:

Hi, just wondering what the hours would be for the Eden cenote? And I’m going in the beginning of March, what would be the water temperature you’d think, I know the ocean is around 70 degrees, right? Oh, and is the seaweed probably gone in March, I did see some video’s of crazy seaweed last month, thanks!!

Ivori Clark says:

Thank you soo muchh!!! Your video helped alot we has a blast. only went to play a de carman from Cancun thanks again

socorro scow says:

How warm are the cenotes?

Joanne Bouchard says:

Great video! I can’t wait to swim in one. Hopefully the weather is warm enough for it in February.

Alejandra Salazar Zamora says:

You guys are great!! Congrats on your channel and videos! Keep traveling and taking us to different places!

Jess M says:

I would love to swim in a cenote; one of the things I really wanna do. I thought it would be to expensive but the ones you visited weren’t expensive at all. I still need to learn how to take those little taxis . I usually just use uber. My Spanish sucks though.

Jennifer Wilson says:

Absolutely gorgeous and looks like great fun!

Susan Karsten says:

Loved this, especially how you always include tips about how to do things. I liked the info about the collectivos. When we were in PDC, a few years ago, Matt told us that the collectivos were NOT air conditioned, so we took the bus to Tulum.

neneng maduro ablola Hilario says:

150 dollars or pesos?

Yesi Cornejo says:

Where did you guys leave your belongings??

thienthy says:

gracias por la información

Yevgeniy Minakov says:

Thank you guys for the video. We travel to Riviera Maya a lot of time and every time we visit new places . In January we’re going back and definitely gonna enjoy cenotes you recommend. Can’t stop watching your videos. Thank you very much!!!

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