5th Avenue tour – Playa Del Carmen Mexico

With it’s shops and restaurants, 5th Avenue running parallel with the Caribbean Sea is a favorite haunt of travelers visiting Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya.
Strolling in shorts and sandals, even with Christmas decorations around, it was hard to grasp that Christmas was just around the corner.
Peaceful, quiet and tranquil, this is the real Mexico.


Mike Parr says:

Truly is my paradise that & of course the Palladium Resort, love walking down there with the shops, bars, restaurants all the different smells all the people watching and then look down each block as you’re passing to see that amazing turquoise ocean!!

Michael Hynes says:

In Puerto Morleos check out La Terraza, El Pirata, Hola Asia, Spagettino, Pelicano’s and our new favorite La Panza es Primero.

Arturo Coronel imperial .;/' says:

nice i love mexico

Mr. Grumpy says:

Thank you for the suggestions! I’m looking forward to trying out some of the places you reccomend. Thanks again! Steve

Elisha Iggulden says:

Yes it’s open at night – most of the shops stay open til 10 or 11 and the restaurants close around 11. You can get pizza by the slice till about 2am (when the bars close) and there are 24 hour 7/11’s.

susanleigh perissi says:

… thank you for sharing the truth! we bought an apartment in playa 5 years ago, spend as much time there as possible. those who say it’s too ‘turisty’ …. well, thousands of people live right there. go to work, go out for dinner, send their kids to school. it attracts tourists, of course – but LIFE there is exquisite. drive/bike for 5 minutes and you’re in paradise. nowhere like it!

pepe velez says:

I appreciate your video, Thanks for being optimistic. But to say that this is how the environment is like everywhere, is definately an overstatement.

Jocelyne Turcotte says:

Nous y retournerons pour la Xième  fois sans se lasser

Carlos Pena says:

Playa del Carmen’re a feeling, not explained, I TAKE YOU WELL IN. –

Nayeli Cruz says:

haaaa y por eso vovo en playa del carmen jejeje realmente lo disfruto!!!!!1

Carla Toledo says:

Your video is great, thank you for sharing!

Mick Brabant says:

Heading to Playa on the 6th of February, can’t wait.

Skyjuice70 says:

Way too touristy for me. Last thing i want to see when I’m away from the states is, Bob and Sue from Ohio.

Hector Cosío says:

As a mexican thank you for that review, i also went to Cancun it’s beautiful and i live in Tijuana one of the ost dangerous cities according to nacional news and i live fine 🙂

Paul Z says:

Really like your video dude. I’m from Victoria. 

Michael Hynes says:

You will love Puerto Morelos. Very different vibe to Playa and great restaurants. Still a lot of tourists, but a more low key type. We are going to Playa in February and looking forward to it, but anyone who thinks it’s the “real Mexico” is kidding themselves. Nevertheless I think this is a good video that portrays the more touristy prt of the town as it really is.

alejandro grajeda says:

wow!!!! There is alot of poverty, but probably not how think… In case you didnt know one of the richest man in the world is mexican… Just like in america people havnt payed anything they have, but the government hides all that of course so you have poverty all over…. dont flatter yourself if you are a gringo… A lot of japanese and europeans go visit too…

Kenny Lobuy says:

I’m really glad I saw this. We will be going to a resort a few miles from here and I had no intention of going into town.  We stayed in Cancun a few years ago and leaving the resort opened us up to mobs of Mexicans trying to sell crap.

Lyne Maynard says:

Thank you very much

S Hwood says:

Agreed. We have always felt safe in Playa….

J Late says:

I appreciate your video, but to claim that 5th Avenue is the ‘real’ Mexico is way off base!

Tirteyo Maya Escoponi says:

so get fuck out of mexican videos an dont come to mexico, and that is all

ricktuma says:

Estuve 20 días en mayo, salimos a toda hora, seguro por donde lo mires, buenos tragos, mucha joda, playas divinas, es increíble, el año que viene vuelvo sin pensarlo!!!

559BearDown says:

I was just down there last week. Awesome place. Just be prepared to be asked if you want to buy stuff every ten steps. I’m not judging, just giving the facts.

Melanie M says:

open till about 10-11. bars are open until 4

Mr. Grumpy says:

Peurto Morelos? We’ll be going in January , thanks for the tip!

melky jim says:

yep, all of those areas are very, very safe, the Maya Riviera area. amazing place too.

Alejandro HP says:

An ‘Aztec Warrior’ is like having a Scotsmas in a Kilt to promote Wales…..is that senseless.

art724 says:

We just got back last Sunday from ten days in Playa del Carmen. It is absolutely save. We go every year and stay at the Playacar Plaace just south of the ferry to Cozumel. We always take a cab part way up 10th avenue and then walk back on 5th to the hotel. Here’s a tip – the further you go north of the ferry, the cheaper the prices. Also, when you have a photo taken with a busker like the Aztec warrior, you’re supposed to give him a tip.

mexalkid says:

Im probably going in july i cant wait to just walk upto the beach and just sink into the warm sand haha i went last year and i dont want to go any where else!

basevelero says:

I LOVE INOCENT PEOPLE, JA,JA,JA,JA. Please, please, just take a bit of time to investigate in the net. Her is jus a xample, get in to mexinada on the net. Just in the last month, 3 cases of policemans whose rape turists and one a 12 years old girls, ¡TE POLICE!
But NO PROBLEMA AMIGO, VAYA USTED CON DIOS!!! GODD BLESS YOU. Make your testament before travel to that área, (Cancú, Playa, Puerto Morelos, Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, Tulum, etc)

Yemni L. Mendez says:

That is not the real Mexico. That is the touristic part of Mexico. I invite you to go to the rural part of Mexico something that the Mexico media won’t show on televisión.

Lyne Maynard says:

Can somebody tell me if the 5th avenue is open at night ? and until what time the store are open. Thank you.

Mr. Grumpy says:

I am looking forward to seeing Mexico, and I’ve heard the Mexican people are wonderful! BUT it’s the food I am mostly excited about! 🙂

sid miller says:

Was there last Jan if you go take comfortable shoes its a long walk from one end then back but it was fun an safe

flaco flacoxtreme says:

you visit mexico of canada!!!!! welcome.

Carla Toledo says:

Playa del Carmen has great surroundings. If you search for top tours cancun dot com, you can check a very good selection of top tours in the area: Chichen Itza, whale sharks swimming, Akumal turtles, snorkeling by the 2nd reef of the world and underground rivers and great caves, cenotes and some other wonder ruins like Coba, the tallest pyramid in the Yucatan Peninsula

fredy lemus says:

Nice vid !!!!!!!

Aalisha Mcnair says:

you’ve been really consistant with the videos”’thanks so much !

Daniel Anton says:

i just had to thank you for your wonderfull coments about my country, glad you like it!

Michael Hynes says:

I absolutely agree that Playa is safe though 5th Ave hardly the most beautiful part.. However I would not say that a street that is full of chain stores, touristy shops, Starbucks etc etc is the real Mexico. Perhaps Puerto Morelos is closer to the real Mexico, particularly the Colonia. In fact our trip to Mexico in 2013 will be our fifth in four years! Saying that 5th Ave is the real Mexico is for me like saying that Disneyworld or Orlando is the real USA.

marcos garay says:


trapper1204 says:

Very touristy, and a complete rip off. Stay away from here.. this is not the real Mexico. My wife and I were here December 10th 2016 and got ripped off royally. We went to the tequila shop, and I asked for their finest tequila. I don’t paying top dollar for top quality. The sales person’s name was Rene. He brought out a bottle of Don Cayo and told is it was super rare tequila, and the best in Mexico. My wife and I bought 2 bottles for a total of 6000 pesos, which is just over 300 USD or 500CAD. We where fine with that until we found same bottles for sale 2 minutes up the road for $40.00 USD. This place is shit! its a tourist trap, avoid it. Go a block up to 10th and find way better deals. My lesson is this.. if your surrounded by tourists, and the only Mexicans you see are employees, you are in the wrong place. AVOID 5th AVE.!!

Milton EnDel says:

*.* my next homme!

syco98 says:

understanding this comes from a probably spoiled american kid like you, let me tell you dude i’m mexican and been to airplanes and airports many fucking times. I love how most of you americans like to stereotype us all, as undeveloped extremely poor third world country motherfuckas. What kind of a dumb question is that ughhh how many mexicans do you see in airports?? lol that was the stupidest question someone has ever asked.

Nayeli Cruz says:

Amo a mi Mexico y mas que la gente de otros paises disfruten de nuestras bellezas mexicanas hay!!!!!!

Jazmin Wang says:

Playa del Carmen is the best!!!!

Michael Hynes says:

Dude, 5th Ave is NOT the real Mexico!


great job

Pedro Damian says:

then what is the real Mexico? because you know so much about this country, right? and why the 5th avenue isn´t the real México? beacuse it´s beautiful and safe? it´s better you come here and enjoy México, the news only say bad things, here in mexico all the tv news only say bad thong about USA, in the newspaper you only see how violent is USA, but here in mexico we aren´t ignorants and we know that newspapers and tv news only say bad things.

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