YUCATAN The Culture Is Nature, The Culture Is Maya

To the rhythm of mariachis and traditional dancing, the film by Pierre Brouwers guides you across Yucatan, this Mexican state that juts out into the Caribbean sea. From the white sandy beaches of the Maya river to huge green expanses where the sites of Calakmul or Coba barely emerge from the forest, the cameras take you to not only the most prestigious Maya sites, but also other lesser known locations that from an archaeological perspective are just as interesting. Spectacular caves and rocks, mangroves and nature reserves form the décor in which one of America’s most fascinating civilizations developed and flourished.


Elise Passavant says:

thanks for sharing! next time please adjust audio volume of voice over and music… keep up the good work!

Genny Hampson says:

The music drowns out the narration it’s a pain in arse.

Martin Lopez-Servin says:

Los Voladores De Papantla… I Animales Exóticos jaja Que bonito es Yucatán

Martin Lopez-Servin says:

False Accussations From Europeans. in…… 3……..2………1……… Jajajaja

hdjd jdjd says:

haha is that a mexican version of medeval times??

Elise Trécul says:

The music on this documentary is super loud in comparion to his voice…

Nurhayati Arini says:

thank to best documentary

hdjd jdjd says:

i beleve much of this video was filmed at a resort…

Austin Grimes says:

Very informative

Anabel Clark says:

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Alejandro Corleone says:

why does the sound, sound like that on my bluetooth speaker.? can you fix it for future students

ottarvendel says:

Crazy comment on the pyramids that the Egyptians (3.000 years earlier!) had “technical means” the Mayas did not have. What was that?

Peter Chen says:

Can not really hear the voice well with such loud music …

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