The Magnificient Monarchs

One of nature’s truly great migration journeys. A visit to El Rosario Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary near Angangueo, Michoacan, Mexico.


RavenFeathers90 says:

Like Fall leaves

jbravo70 says:

Absolutely Amazing!

lovenlightman says:

Wooo so many. How come? when did the butterflies start coming there?



Ron Luino says:

Well done!

sidrnskygirl says:

what month is this?

sema BOM says:

ПОТРЯСАЮЩЕ…………………………….хочу на Кубу=)

lavincelaya says:

@peachiebeachbelle Are near to Mexico City. You must to come in winter time (around october to march). When you arrive to Mexico City you need to go to the state of
Enjoy México!!!

Demi Falle says:

thanks for posting this video. amazing butterflies!! too bad our monarchs here in Hawaii does not migrate anywhere else. but numbers are dwindling so I heard. I started raising and release them 2 months ago. certainly they are amazing creatures!!!

Owen Ltd says:

Because I like classical music, I found it hard to watch beautiful monarchs and listen at the same time

Lola says:

when did you go? december… january, november??

disalt212 says:

I have visited this place and it is more beautiful in real life ..i wish to go back and it is a very very very admirable place to visit … 🙂


what do they do once they get here?mate, die, im not sure please inform me

Doriginal Acid says:

woah that was crazy that they were all over the tree

justatnight says:

beautiful video,

heliolineaire says:

Et oui c’est très surprenant ! Le mystère de cette vie mutante lève son voile. La vision d’un autodidacte a fait matière du vide (créé) Il construit une maquette; Un paradigme du système solaire qui révèle des découvertes sur la faune globale en tout genre. Même les insectes comme le papillon monarque…. copié collé : ” 2006 héliolinéaire ” FC

chespin777 says:

so many monarch butterflies

Lisseth M says:

so beautiful

Baiba Sisene says:

i don’t like go shopping in town cos of people bumping into me and here you see millions of butterflies flying around each other in such a small space enjoing each others company.. we might be the most developed life form on this planet but definitely not the most connected.

Michel Millaire says:

hi, i am a news producer for a french weather station in Quebec and wild like to use some of your footage for a news story. if you agree i would put the link of your channel. thanks!

Catherine S. Todd says:

I remember the butterfly swarms in Texas when I was a child. I have to go here one day… didn’t even know a place like this existed! El Rosario Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary near Angangueo, Michoacan, Mexico. Thank you for posting this wonderful video!

vellstorm4705 says:

What MONTH was this?? I know that they migrate like this in certain seasons.

crystalDM96 says:

Unbelievable. I need to go there and see this



shane fistell says:

Life itself!

silvia briggs says:

Silvia Briggs    1:48AM                                                                                                Que hermosas Mariposas en hacer mucho recorrido, que grande es dios por darnos esta grandeza, de verlas.

dajuanblues says:

Hello, i would like to know if i can use some of this footage for a video, thank you

Owen Ltd says:

Wow, it is like the Monarchs knew the storm had depleted their species, so they just made more of themselves, truly amazing beautiful little strong creatures

Butterfly Farms says:

Thank you!

Michael Carroll says:

My granddaughter and I liked this videp

Emilio Garcia says:

MEXICO is your country little fellas, welcome back.

RedSquirreLx says:

hi , i would like to make this journey with my kids, what time of year is this?

Nida Siddiqui says:

as a lepidopterophobe, this literally looks like my worst nightmare.

And I dont get it. They. Are. Insects. Idc how “pretty” they are, this many insects (this many ANYTHING tbh) in one place is terrifying.

Mariko Kushida says:

Very high quality video of Las Monarcas.

Echo Valera says:

this place, at this time of year to see the Monarchs on tippy top of my bucket list!
Thank you for vid.

Os wizard says:

I dont know why, but butterflies fit very well with classic music, saludos to Canada.

Heather Leipart says:

never knew Monarchs migrated until I read it in a children’s book to my kids. Of course we had to see if there was a video on here! AMAZING!

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