Surviving and thriving in a Mexican jungle – La Venta Canyon, Chiapas

La Venta Canyon in a stunningly gorgeous destination in the pristine tropical wilderness of El Ocote Biosphere Reserve in Chiapas, Mexico that hosts a vast biodiversity of over 2,000 plant and fungi species and 5,000 animals species, where the sound of tropical birds never ceases and fresh water springs forth from the tall rugged rocky cliffs. The river is full of various species of cichlids and catfish and at night the jungle lights up with fireflies dancing around the shore of the river.

On this trip I slowly make my way up the canyon observing the best of nature, drinking from springs, and identifying edible plants,… and um,.. eating insects too! I build a very, very simple shelter at night which protects me from the rain. Other than nearly getting hit by falling rock everything goes well.

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Brazos Forager says:

Looks like a nice place. What are the known hazards besides falling rocks?

Juan Jimenez says:

wow increíble im from there México chiapas but i live in NYC Now bay side

Saheli Deb says:

wow wow beautiful.. deep forest… I love this video…

Marcelo Barefoot says:

Aps a barefooter i live to see others like me… keep your soles bare my friend… live free and wild

adil eydatoula says:

Heavily edited morning exercises….haha. But altogether a very good video in a heavenly location

My Healing Journey says:

this amazing !!! you did an amazing job taking all this footage yourself?! wow and Im so glad I could find this on youtube. I want to go to Chiapas someday… I don’t know if I can camp out like you do though =) Thank you so much for this !!

jolumar58 says:

What an amazing adventure! I really enjoyed this video and your editing. Mexico has so many beautiful wonders.

Gisele Villares says:

dear mexico,

i love

Jose Lopez says:


leo Campos says:

great video

Johnny Juke says:


Villa Florez says:

The second plant you ate is called “Quelite”
Try it with beef and red spicy sauce. Delicious and more nutritious than a mikyDys.

Baby melchoy Villanobos says:

Can i ask?,are you alone or do you have someone with you while exploring? Wondering how and who took a video of you?

GrantoGilberto says:

This is such a nice technical survival film great job!

Jason Money says:

I could never eat a cricket or grasshopper after I seen a video of a worm coming out of them free the die there to amune to parasites

Clint Catano says:

nice video bro. ur welcome to Mexico anytime lol

Margarita Garcia Castro says:

Hermoso vídeo!!!!!

Juan Carlos Cervantes says:

Greetings from Mexico!

Denise Sancan says:

You are the “Gordon Ramsey” of travelling hunks!!! I’ll be heading that way soon! Too bad you’re young enough to be my son–grandson????? But you are a lovely adventurer!! I appreciate you, Sweetums!!

jonathan george says:

Hey Chad great video..this place looks amazing…I am in tuxtla right now and I want to go there but doesnt seem very straight forward..can u let me know how u got there and where u started hiking from plz

warpspeedfd says:

I bet this is your backyard. Video look so fake!

Jakub Hnatko says:

i was 5km in straight line from this canyon in Sima of the Parrots and had no idea this place exist

Jack says:

You need to set up a shelter off the jungle floor!

wotan237 says:

Some people go off into the wilderness and have wonderful life changing experiences, but when I go out into the woods five miles from my house, I end up with a ton of chigger bites….

Edwin Sherman says:

Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

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