Saving Endangered Jaguars in Mexico, One Photo at a Time | National Geographic

The endangered jaguars of Mexico face many threats, including habitat loss and illegal hunting. To further protect them, a group of conservationists and scientists established a private natural reserve in Mexico called El Eden. Using camera-trap technology since 2005, they have captured over 2,500 photographs of jaguars and their prey. These images have been a key tool in expanding the protected area, increasing public interest in conservation, and providing essential habitat information so that governmental organizations can better manage jaguar populations.
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Saving Endangered Jaguars in Mexico, One Photo at a Time | National Geographic

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wolf boy spider cool says:

my México is a beautiful country that has so much nature do not know where to start is the 3 most diverse country

Reus Pedro says:


June Plutonika says:

At 1:12, what kind of animal is in the bottom middle circle? Looks like a mix of deer and pig?

The Peacemaker says:

They say the Jaguar was a symbol of strength for the Mayans, yet they used a Aztec warrior for the picture.

Kamikaze says:

Very interesting.

Jesus Anaya says:


tristan gareth Lanozo says:

jaguar is my favorite wile animal

porken pig says:


EkBalam707 says:

Jaguars are essential.

MissAlexha says:

Instead of eleven the correct translation is “El Edén” that is like, heaven on Earth.

tkguyok says:

They are beautiful! How are they doing in Central and South America?

gideon gilliet says:

thx you for a place for those beautifull cats to live in peace ,love to all that is

Ahmer Mirza says:

How do they know that it is not the same animal that they saw earlier while trying to find out about the species population??

MiguelPmpM says:

I wasn’t first. But nearly.

Mr1995wm says:

Awesome cats!

Eddie king says:

Is a big foundation in Mexico that save jaguar, lions, leopard, Panther, Tigers, etc it call BLACKJAGUARWHITETIGER Follow on Instagram.

HyborianAge says:

What are they talking about? Mexico is full of pussies.

David Jones says:

We need to keep the Tump sons away from these animals. Otherwise there would be none left

Krieger 2015 says:

so you are trying to protect the jaguars from people, but how do you protect people from jaguars? they must attack humans once in a while. whats the best way to survive an attack from one of these creatures?

Iruka Sen. says:

Great tiger in the thumbnail

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