Millions and millions of Monarch butterflies. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. We’re living in Mexico City, and I had heard a lot about the annual migration of these insects from Canada and USA to the Mexican state of Michoacan. We thought we’d make a video showing you how to go, and also highlight 2 different sanctuaries.

I had thought there was a single viewing zone in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, but it turns out there are many sanctuaries. We visited these two: Santuario Sierra Chincua, and Santuario El Rosario. They are suppose to have the most butterflies, and are both near the town on Angangueo in Michoacan. A two day trip seemed like fun, and we headed to the beautiful Pueblo Magico Angangueo

It was incredible. I had never seen so many in my life. The whole story is quite remarkable actually. Normally a Monarch butterfly only lives 4 weeks, however the Migration takes 6-8 months. How does that work?
The generation that has to migrate lives 8 times longer than the others. They fly over 4500 km south to the same place in Mexico. No one knows how they do this, it’s one of natures great secrets.

Once in Michoacán, they breed and clump themselves on a special kind of pine called the Oyamel. It’s not as warm as you think here, the elevation is quite high (3500m) and it can get down to almost 0C at night. After a while they travel to Texas to lay their eggs. The food the caterpillars eat is called Milk Weed, and it doesn’t exist in Mexico.
As Northern North America warms up, they return for the summer. The whole process is 4 generations of butterflies. This means no butterflies make the trip back. It’s one way.

Enjoy the vlog!


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Megan Reed says:

This is so beautiful I live in America and in school I always herd about the butterfly migration, but I definitely never thought they would all end up in the same place its amazing

David Rasud says:

This is gonna sound quite weird and embarrasing but I used to be afraid of butterflies, since I went there when I was a little child and thousands of them “attacked me”, jajaja

Great video as always

ana nieto says:

hola de verdad que tus vídeos son magníficos por favor subtítulos y tendrías muchísimos más seguidores por que son increíbles sigue así …

Hotel California says:

peaceful, easy, feelings

Fabian L says:

great stuff you put out mate. i live in cdmx as well, maybe we can go for an explore together at same point. have a good one

KFX says:

It’s like you guys stepped right into the shivering isles. Watch out for Sheogorath.

Behind The Beard says:

Hey dude, just found your channel as I’m just getting into the idea of travelling and vacationing etc. Consider yourself subscribed!

J. Abraham Moreno Calles says:

its like paradise in earth

Cin Dee says:

WOW! How amazing are these sights! What a great video_ Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!

MaiVibe says:

Wow! Amazing video Mike! WHAT A WONDERFUL PLACE!

Silverino says:

love to go there one day, sad they die after mating.

Nancy Volker says:

i gotta say i like the butterflies a lot more than a bunch of crazy guys blowing up planks with hammers. I hope you took a long shower when you got back to your room…LOL! chances are you were covered in butterfly poo and didn’t even notice

VI MG says:

OMG, That’s such an amazing place! In fact I’m Mexican but I haven’t been there, it seems like a fairytale! I’ve just clicked on the subscribe button!

Anthony Kago says:

beautiful sights

arnoldo cañedo lizarraga says:

Hola Mike, soy mexicano y estoy impresionado por tus videos sobre mexico, ni yo siendo mexicano conozco esos lugares tan maravillosos que tenemos, en verdad te envidio pero aparte te agradezo enomemente que difundas estos videos, y estas invitado a venir a Mazatlan, Sinaloa, para poderte atender personalmente, un fuerte abrazo Amigo!!!!

sammiibb says:

Wow ! .. must visit here one day !!! great shots by the way

Apsu Lahmu says:

I Am from Michoacán, all the people are welcome, we have history, food, and all The things like te buterflys and rivers

GS7043 Bundling says:

Hey I’m a new subscriber, I just have to say the way you get the most beautiful shots in any location. Great eye it’s like looking at art! love it!

Joel Rs says:

Hi bro, your videos are good , I don’t know because you haven’t more likes … Sigue asi , pronto podras ser un gran vlogger, saludos desde tamulipas… I have a idea haha… why you come at my stade? is beautiful

Deriuz says:

Oh wow not a single dislike. I think that says a lot about your videos. Keep up the amazing work.

jasonrazojazo Jazo says:

Can you make a video about the silence zone (Zona del Silencio) and anther about Naica cave?

Turix y Miki says:

I really like to learn English with your videos 🙂

Mike Dewey says:

Stunning, nice!

Robin H says:

such a miracle of life!! with all that is going on in the world right now i love how this is showing the beauty of Mexico & how we are all in the world together!! Great video!!

WΔY ΔWΔY says:

Ahhh I would love that!! Were they landing on you. I am in Tepic Mexico right now and am thinking of how in the world I could get down there and see it for myself. Such a great video! -Ash

DrewJames Patrick says:

So incredible! I was just looking, and remembered back in 2015 responding to your tweet about seeing the migration! I am so pumped you were able to experience, and give us some stunning visuals! Cheers!

chassparra says:

es demasiado bueno que estranjeros aprecian mas mexico que los propios locales bien por tu trabajo hermano

Sonja Hoyt: The Happy Travel Bug says:

That was beautiful…and a little sad.

Jack Ameldi says:

That’s beautiful and your right experiences over possessions love that!!

Paulina Ramirez says:

si Michoacán:)

yeyalennon says:

You definitely deserve more subscribers!! I’m from Michoacan and i’ve just discovered your channel by cajafresca in Los Cabos, I’m in love with your videos

Tom Boyden says:

This is beautiful! Your channel is filled with a ton of brilliant videos. In the beginning of this video, are you using the rode video mic pro mounted on the A7s? The audio quality is really nice for being outside. I thought it was ADR at first, any post-production work on it? Looking forward to checking out your channel in the future.

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