Massive Caravan Of Invaders Getting ‘Extremely Dangerous’ Surprise From Behind Right In Time!

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Massive Caravan Of Invaders Getting ‘Extremely Dangerous’ Surprise From Behind Right In Time!

It seems implausible and perhaps premeditated right in time for the critical midterm election for Democrats, that a “spontaneous” mob of invaders could organize this “migration” and all its parts for survival simultaneously to make a 2,000 mile journey to America on foot.
President Donald Trump had warned Honduras and Mexico to stop these invaders from leaving their home country and illegally entering others on their route to the U.S. Both of these countries failed to do so and now thee massive caravan is well into Mexico en route to Phoenix, Arizona. They brutalized Mexican police officers to make it through.
Their sheer size is a dominating factor for any security measures aimed at preventing the invasion. However, there’s something they can’t outrun our bludgeon that’s far more powerful that all 10,000 of them together. This karma is coming up the rear of the mob and it’s irony at its best.

Hurricane Willa has grown rapidly into an “extremely dangerous” near-Category 5 storm in the eastern Pacific, on a path to smash into Mexico’s western coast between Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta by Wednesday.
The governments of Sinaloa and Nayarit states ordered coastal region schools to close on Monday and began preparing emergency shelters ahead of the onslaught.
The U.S. National Hurricane Center said that Willa could “produce life-threatening storm surge, wind and rainfall over portions of southwestern and west-central Mexico beginning on Tuesday.” It predicted that Willa could become a Category 5 hurricane later Monday, generating life-threatening surf and rip tide conditions.
A hurricane warning was posted for Mexico’s western coast between San Blas and Mazatlan, including the Islas Marias, a nature reserve and federal prison directly in the forecast track of the storm.
Tropical storm warnings ranged from Playa Perula north to San Blas and from Mazatlan north to Bahia Tempehuaya. The center said Willa is expected make landfall late Tuesday or early Wednesday.
By early Monday, Willa had maximum sustained winds of 155 mph (255 kph) — the same windspeed Hurricane Michael had at landfall in Florida — and was centered about 200 miles (325 kilometers) south-southwest of the Islas Marias and 155 miles (250 kilometers) south-southwest of Cabo Corrientes. It was moving north at 7 mph (11 kph).
Hurricane force winds extended 30 miles (45 kilometers) from the storm’s core and tropical storm force winds were up to 90 miles (150 kilometers) out.
The hurricane center said 6 to 12 inches (15 to 30 centimeters) of rain should fall — and some places could see up to 18 inches (45 centimeters) — on parts of western Jalisco, western Nayarit and southern Sinaloa states. It warned of the danger of flash flooding and landslides in mountainous areas.
Farther to the south, Tropical Storm Vicente weakened but was still expected to produce heavy rainfall and flooding over parts of southern and southwestern Mexico.
By early Monday, its core was about 195 miles (310 kilometers) southeast of Acapulco with top sustained winds of 45 mph (75 kph). The hurricane center said it could produce 3 to 6 inches (7.5 to 15 centimeters) of rain in parts of Guerrero, Michoacan, Colima and Jalisco states.



Scott Krempel says:

don’t we still have A10’s in our inventory?

Bob Sullivan says:

PREDICTION: False flag event timed for maximum propaganda value.

Su Ma says:

Not as dangerous as the US military,,,God Bless our brave military….God Bless the USA.

Max Jackson says:

Mexico has declared war on USA.



Harris Anne says:

Soros funded TERRORISM coming to home turf. THIS is what the EVIL man does. DESTROYS COUNTRIES! Why is the ENEMY allowed to live in America?He was kicked out of Hungary his home Country for…drum roll here… Funding terrorists and bringing hundreds of thousands of illegals to the Country in hopes of swinging the election and harming the Country. Sound familiar? Who broke the bank of England? He is EVIL on steroids.

Dennis Janda says:

ARM UP if they get across the border !!

Rosebud says:

I wonder whose gonna report on all the ASSAULTS and RAPES taking place in the ASSAUT ON AMERICA.

Chad Wollaston says:

Imagine all the rape that are committing everyday. Women and children are not safe with these scumbags

TheEndIsNear TheEndIsNear says:

God will send a storm. Watch…

A.R. Windsong says:

Homeless on our streets look way worse then these people do.

dena l says:

Notice how quiet the mentally ill liberals are about this invasion? WHY?

aerialcat1 says:

President Trump’s ‘Devine Wind’

Janine Taylor says:

If these photos are meant to illicit feelings of sympathy & empathy from me, it has failed miserably. I have zero respect for these parasitic, ignorant, entitled, diseased, roaches. Come to the border with humility, ready to embrace our flag, our language and our culture. Come swinging your flag, cursing our president, and shouting defiant slogans? Nah. I wouldn’t cry if you are all mowed down by a spray of lead. Adios amigos. GTFOH

those who must be kept the cold ones says:

the boarder needs microwave box trucks that they use for crowd control they would drop like flys

rlinton2ut says:

A Divine Wind AKA Kamikaze

Nick Diamond says:

We are not counting on a hurricane to end this.

Kilocharlie33 says:

Cut the Aid to these countries, they asked for it, let them suffer.

Paulng Paulng says:

Any organised plan which are evil n results from human will are doomed to fail because the Sovereign God n Lord is in control of all situation.Hurricane Willa might just be a sign of God’s disapproval and anger at this sudden massive influx of illegal immigrants,which in my opinion,is the design n plan of evil men,timed to concur with the midterm election in your country.Praise the Lord that victory belongs to Him.Man may plan but it is He who decides

5X5 says:

This is the same tactic that was used by the new world order types in Europe. Overwhelm the border. The same people and organizations are behind this assault on America.

all lives matter says:

Drop leaflets from the air saying turn around or the next dusting will make you feel horribly ill and if you step on American soil you will

BulletSpoung says:

There not on foot.  They ride in trucks most of the way.

Jason Minton says:

So tired of rederich..We need action TODAY!! DAMMIT!!

oiho ohio says:

The demoncrats are behind this invasion but with God’s help,the hurricane, and our army they will be stopped!!

Jimmy Favereau says:

just another psyop/show.. complete with cell phones.. watch closely folks, the closer you watch, the less you see what is really going on…

BBWulf says:

Time to put the US ARMY on the Arizona boarder. Put an Abrams Tank every 1/4 Mile with 20th century modern Gatling Guns every few 100 ft inbetween the tanks 🙂 Along with all the other goodies the US ARMY has then they will think twice about crossing the boarder illegally 🙂 Just 1 of those Gatling Guns alone could annihilate this entire group real fast 🙂 I’d bet serious $ it is Israel & the Zealot Zionists who are behind this. It’s been proven already they are the ones funding all those immigrants in the EU.

TheEndIsNear TheEndIsNear says:

Theyre pushing for the wall and a Republican win without even thinking. Idiots! Only someone stupid as soros and demonrats would think of such ill conceived ideas. These people are stoopid

Nick Diamond says:

Blame Soros soar ass for any and all deaths they may result. Don’t these people realize they are not wanted and will be slaughtered?! The Dems week be next.

Nena De la Torre says:

This is insane, the madness that Democrats have created is causing a lot of suffering to everyone. This is dangerous for all of us. There’s rumor in the news in Mexico that some terrorists from the middle East have infiltrated in the caravan, God knows having criminals, rapists and freeloaders that will find the government benefits convenient. Get ready for change thanks to Democrats. We have to be ready to defend our families and our homes.

Mark Scott Staggs says:

Any doubt that this horde is just spontaneously assembled flies in the face of fact. This was done by subversive elements of the Democratic party. Now comes a devine cleansing wind

Ronald Stephens says:

Just send them back where they came from. U cannot come to USA.

Jerry Archer says:

You ever been to a rat killing, that’s when they clean out the corn silos, we go inside and kill the rats…now and interest approach is to find a good hill that overlooks where they’re crossing, load up a 30-06 and have some fun, you don’t have to kill them, just wing a few, and they will haul ass. As Nancy Pelosi said “if there is colateral damage, oh well.” You can read into that what ever you think.

Rosebud says:

GOOD bring on the HURRICANE take out these INVADERS

hena man says:

God taking care of business…

joshua mitchell says:


diane reynolds says:

Friends, this doesn’t look good at all. We can’t let this invasion come through. This is war and I believe it will very well turn out this way. People are going to be hurt if not dead. Our military will have to stop them one way or the other. We must get to the bottom of who paid these illegals to come. Soros is a start. Our country is getting to soft. Lord help us if there were a war in our country. This government would be running with their heads cut off. They would hide while we would have to defend ourselves. Along with the military they better have water hoses, tear gas, smoke bombs and anything else it will take. This will be very tricky to know what to do especially when using children to shield them. A dangerous situation that’s coming.

Idaho Jim says:

This is a planed Invasion By the Deep State to destroy our Republic and join it with Mexico & Canada . No more Constitution , No Sovereignty , just one big hell hole over ran with illegals ,
where the American and Canadian people will be the new Minorities and we all will be Slaves together for the NWO.
Build the Wall and Deport them All MAGA !

Darth cerebrus says:

Seems to me that if these people really wanted a better life they would have stayed where they were and fought for it.with this many people they could have started their own revolution.we Americans have been fighting for our freedom since this country was founded and if these people wanted freedom and a better life they should’ve manned up a fought for it.

reynaldo flores says:



Ronald Benner says:

In my opinion,this is an “Invasion” to our country,Send in the military and get them set up in place now!!

Bertaboop1955 says:

Who do these people think they are? Why would they expect to be welcomed when they force their presence on us. I am all force use of deadly force just as if they were violent burglers. I hope Pres Trump has a plan.

Tony Da Costa says:

Keep in mind that our scientists have developed non-lethal ways to repel crowds of people. we have machines which direct microwaves to cook these
people in their shoes from a pretty good distance. if the military sets these machines up on the border aimed at the wall or fence that is there, none of these people will be capable of climbing over. We just need to keep them on the other side till they decide to go home or settle in Mexico.

Larry Mistler says:

Caravan of cannon fodder expendable people this has the potential to end tragically who is going to own it.

Joe White says:

Get em Willa

reynaldo flores says:

they get a taco bell , little ceasers , burger king , wendys t shirt crossing the border from the democrats to go straight to work , denying and taking your kids , grandkids summer jobs… NO QUESTIONS ASK BY DEMOCRATS…


Necron99 says:

We are all one race…we all come from the cradle of life from Ethiopia, Somalia and Entrea. We were all black at one time, nomadic tribes left and some became white from diet and hiding in caves 80% of the time.

However; this caravan is NOT our culture, it’ has no good intentions, and our country has a very very fragile eco system!!!

Our country is big acre wise, but quite small for dwelling.

Most of our precious country’s land is: rain forest, mountains, deserts, Lakes, rivers, aquifers, beach and wildlife refuge; being that most animals are or will be on the endangered species act! Not to mention the many many farms and Homestead that we’ve had here since the beginning of Christian civilizations.

The Liberals will be happy when our country is exactly like India, we are thousands of people bathing and drinking our tiny lakes water and defecating in the streets. 70% of people will be on welfare, and nobody will want to work or have any ethics or morals because the Liberals will not make any effort to in force anything on anyone

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