Learning How To Make Gum Like Mayans In Mexico

“How do you make bubble gum?” The basecampers learn the secrets of bubble gum making by heading deep in to a rainforest gum plantation in the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve in Mexico. They are guided through the entire process, from harvesting the sap of the “Manilkara chicle tree” to boiling it into natural chicle – just like the methods used during the heyday of Mayan culture. The history of chewing gum is cooler than you think.

While there is no definitive answer to the question “When was chewing gum invented?,” we know that people from England took this practice from the Mayan way of life to create the first commercial chewing gum in 1848. While the Mayan legacy dates back much further than this, there is no exact date of the first time someone was recorded chewing bubble gum. If you want to add a little culture to your list of things to do near Tulum, definitely make a visit to the Sian Ka’an chicle camp.

Watch the video to see the Basecampers getting their hands dirty learning all about the history of chewing gum.

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Moony Theories Xx says:

I’m Mayan too!

Anton EightBall says:

Luckily they weren’t beheaded and dropped in acid.

dontroll onshabbos says:

Stupid gringos … acting a fool.

Isabel M. says:

Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!! That looks really cool

Viva LaRaza says:

Gringos ascos!

Jennifer Rodriguez says:

Good info. It takes a long time to gather and boil the gum. Sad to see everyone carelessly taking more than they can chew. A bit disrespectful. Just my opinion.

Joe Thompson says:

What a total waste. I really hope you paid the man money for the glob of gum. So greedy with stuffing all that gum in your mouth when he could have sold it to provide for his family. And let’s not forget the tree. You just stuffed your mouth like greedy pigs when it takes that tree years to produce the sap. No, I don’t think I’ll follow this channel. Just a shame that Americans like you keep making fools of yourself and our country. Look at your video again, look at the man’s face and eyes….no, he (the Mayan Indian) doesn’t respect you. It’s in his eyes. Don’t visit again.

SollyMonster says:

he looks so frustrated

George George says:

good way to link some bits of information to the modern day idiot society and wrap it up into an appropriate wrapping for the appropriate audience..

TheTravelingClatt says:

Now that how you dry off! That was an awesome episode good job you guys 🙂

bobbybrainstorm says:

What did it taste like?

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