La Fortuna Nature Reserve: Ecocentro Danaus (sloths, toucans, frogs, and more!)

We wanted to see birds and animals and wow, we were not disappointed! While at La Fortuna, we made a stop at Ecocentro Danaus, a peaceful nature reserve that’s home to beautiful wildlife and plants. I highly recommend paying extra for a guide, because we wouldn’t have seen a fraction of what we did without our guide.

👋🏼 About me: Hi, I’m Erin! I live with my husband Jesse and our three-year-old daughter Harper in Guanajuato, GTO, Mexico. In the summer of 2018, we sold our stuff, packed our bags, and booked a one-way ticket to Mexico in search of a new life. Thanks for joining our adventure!

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Joan Lynch says:

Fantastic video, I give you an A+++! Good job!!

browneyes rico says:

That was beautiful, nature is the most amazing and beautiful things in the wold! I live in WA in the mountains about an hour north of Seattle and i love just walking around here. My husbands friend collects rocks with my kids he found a leaf fossil it is so beautiful. I hope to one day travel like this and see nature all over the world. Hope all is well, sending a huge hug your way! ❤❤❤

Karla Patterson says:

How cool! Thank you!

Heather Hillton says:

Beautiful photography Erin.

Nick brooks says:

I’m a young Costa Rican living in Vancouver Canada n enjoy it a lot!!!! I’m very happy Costa Rica keeps doing the right things so all of u can enjoy!!! I want to highlight that the reason why u don’t see any other animals like white face monkey ( my favourite monkey) is bc all animals can not be together in one area. Spider monkeys live in the south, white face monkeys in the north and so on…

RedSpiralHand says:

This is a wonderful video Erin….I hear there are those blue butterflies in parts of Mexico too and cannot wait to see them. We are even naming our new YouTube channel (for when we hit the road in 2020) Blue Butterfly Travels… I just sent this along to the woman who lives upstairs…she’s a nature photographer who will certainly enjoy this on what is a very windy, rainy, dreary day on the south Oregon coast…

Ramon C Blancas says:

No viste un quetzal?

Pedro Juarez says:

Just another good video amiga. thanks

Agustín Viveros says:

Naturaleza increible!

Vegas Zoom says:

Costa Rica Is on it’s way to become the first carbon neutral country in the world..

Jose Mercado says:

Beautiful is Costa Rica! Saludos a todos los hermanos ticos.

Elias Soto says:

Costa Rica is beautiful, so much vegetation the air feels lighter and you can find wild animals almost anywhere, I also suggest going to Manuel Antonio national park if you have the time, love all your videos and this one reminded me of my last visit to CR 🙂

rigo fernandez says:

So beautiful

TravelMother says:

Gorgeous video. I love seeing the butterflies in slow motion. Love those Aracaris too. 🙂

John Moran says:

Thanks for sharing really enjoyed it.

like button says:

You should try

The Weekday Warriors says:

The tree frog was so cool! And I’m going to just say it, that sloth was adorable! Especially when he put his paw/claw on his face!

BeckyInCa says:

Erin, that was an excellent video!

Ruby Arias says:


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