Flying Over The Cloud Forest of Mexico – Wilderness Sessions – Earth Unplugged

Discover why the pristine cloud forests of Mexico are so special and learn why it’s so important to conserve the wild places of the earth. This is the first video in our new series Wilderness Sessions. Earth Unplugged are working hand in hand with the BBC Earth website to bring you stunning films about the natural world with the help of the Earth Capture community.

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Gustav C says:

Wow beautiful place! 😀

trucha 1.618: PEACE IN THE WORLD says:

So beautiful !”!”!

Jordan Sommer says:

What is this music playing? I love it.

AAAEA says:


420DankSmokin says:

what part of Mexico? I’m moving to Mexico df end of January 2016 🙂

Proyecto GM México says:

This is my beautiful country México!

tejano151 says:

thanks for showing people that mexico is not all desert and cacti, we have some of the most diverse landscapes in the world. you can be in an arid dusty climate and in less than one hour you can find yourself in a lush rainy tropical forest climate.

Maco says:

great :)) it should be longer in my opinion!

BBC Earth says:

The shots of the cloud forest really bring alive the message that Jaime is imparting. Great video and we can’t wait for the next installment of Earth Capture!

Jennie F says:

Thank you !

B Rex says:

Aww for a second I thought this was going to be another video where we can look around the rainforest canopy by moving our phones/touching the screen. Either way still beautiful!

AAAEA says:

This is very well done

Emil Herrera says:

Congratulations Jaime!! This is so well done! Love the aerial shots and the time laps, but the most to see you out making the shot happen. What lovely memories of this amazing place when we went there together! Keep shooting!

cht jagadesh says:

definitely one of my favorite videos is this…. it’s so beautiful.

please make a little longer video s ,I know how hard it if to make even this small videos

Guy Smiley says:


alberto plaza says:

Un Estado Mexicano muy Magico…Eso es Chiapas!!!

Usernimi says:

I’m a guy and for some reason sometimes when I see something really beautiful my eyes start to water :’)

PeaceTreaty says:

No 4k? Unsubbed…JUST KIDDING lol 🙂 cool video thanks for sharing

MOTat18 says:

What is the music to this fine video? It’s so nice and relaxing…

jessica elf says:

Gorgeous stuff dudes.

Yanji Li says:

i wish no one and nothing would steal away dat beauty

AdamarisCraftsss says:

That place looks so gorgeous! I would love to travel somewhere like that one day.

Leomar Pérez says:


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