We’re discovering some absolutely breathtaking cenotes and the astonishing Coba Ruins in today’s Tulum vlog.
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If you want to really discover Tulum, Playa del Carmen, and the Riviera Maya area surrounding Cancun, we highly recommend taking this incredible trip to the ancient Mayan Coba ruins. From there, it’s just a short drive to these three nearby cenotes.

The entry fee to get into Coba is 70 pesos per person but you should plan on renting bikes to get around the massive Mayan grounds which are 50 pesos per bike. The entry fee for these cenotes is 55 pesos per person per cenote.

If you’ve never been to a cenote, these three near Coba are a wonderful place to start! Not all cenotes are underground like this, in fact, the most popular Playa Del Carmen and Cancun Cenotes are above ground. Still beautiful nonetheless, but nothing compares to venturing deep into the ground near Tulum Mexico to unmask the crystal clear blue/green cenote water below!

Taking a dip into these brisk waters is a little bit of a shock at first, but these cenotes near Playa Del Carmen are probably our best experience on the Yucatan Peninsula to date! It’s not just bikinis and beautiful women in this Playa Del Carmen vlog (although there is plenty of that). Prepare yourself for some of the most gorgeous nature you’ve ever seen with some Quintana Roo cenotes in today’s Mexico travel vlog.

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Moisés Escareño says:

Hola qué bonito está, faltaron los subtítulos en español. Saludos bye

Yarita Hernández says:

Felicidades dan un amplio panorama de los bellos lugares de Mexico ya que todos nos dan el estereotipo de delincuentes y de inmigrantes lo cual hay gente y lugares bellos eso es un me encantó el vídeo me escribiré y soy una orgullosa Mexicana asi como lo ven es hermoso mi mexico

antoniopascualg says:

Senotes=chiches grandotas

Jose Antonio Mata says:

one little thing that I had a laugh about. sorry ..but have American people and geography not to get on well or what? If you are in the Yucatan peninsula you will see the Caribbean sea , won’t you? it’s not the ocean definitely

Mariann Kaye says:

I enjoy all your presentations. I just moved to Mexico and looking forward to finding my special place! I’ve visited Mexico many times over the last 50 years and not sure where I want to plant myself. You are helping … thank you!

Jorge G. says:

Si yo fuera ese gringo no pagaría por ver cenotes, ya tiene unos impresionantes al lado!

Johny Chingas69 says:

you complained that people were staring for too long, I would stare too. you are looking very good in that bikini. 🙂
your tattoos are very nice

Sika InMe says:

You guys are amazing

D. Mills says:

More beauty and adventure.

If ever exploring back in the US, there are warm spring Cenotes just outside of Park City, UT. One, completely underground, is open to the public. They also rent scuba diving gear if you want to explore the Cenotes more deeply.

Anyway, thanks for another great one.

Jose Antonio Mata says:

I know well how high that jump is cos I was there years ago.
You were lucky in a way that you didn’t damage your ears and went deaf like someone I met when he jumped off that high into the water. He was very tall so heavy and went very deep and quickly into the waters.
greetings! … you both make me feel alive with this video and I hope one day I will be coming back there again.

changitzie says:

Super Chido!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Edgar Hernandez says:

$77….a family member charged us $100 for a day…SMH

Adrian Mercado says:

What a trip you both had!!! Amazing cenotes, beach and jungle!!! México is so beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing and keep Discovering our beautiful country…

Hamilton Rodgers says:

I’ve been going to Mexico 3 or 4 times a year for the last 12 years, always looking for new places to explore. Love your suggestions, great channel. Safe travels.

Adan Castaneda says:

Chulada de senotes!

Frank Martinez says:

Working in Elkhart Indiana, I am working with Amish business owners, I love it, I might get a buggy. They burn their trash outside and try to live with less. I should start a podcast ?

trehugr4life says:

You two are awesome! I love watching you! I travel all over Mexico also. I plan on moving there and your videos are very informative.

Alex Torres says:

I love your videos guys ! Please continue doing that great job, very proud of that professional look of my country what ypu guys show
God bless you both !!

Blake Matthews says:

The stones are memorial stones for the kings who died showing what they did.

Joseph Harden Steele Jr says:

Love you guys, great attitude and you have so much fun even when fighting off assorted demons. One question I’m sure you have answered before, but why does Jordan not drive only you Maddie. I think I have watch nearly every episode your guys have made. Thanks.

Gallardo6669 says:

Just came back from there, i lost my heart in mexico and i love the people, they have so much heart.!!!

Kim Jarnagin says:

Been to Coba 3 times, can’t wait to make it 4. Love the cenotes too, but I was too chicken to jump from the platforms. Lol ps. The Mayan people refer to them as Temples instead of Pyramids. Love the videos!

Tim Gonzalez says:

Great video amigos. It looked like you all had one hell of a fun filled day. Can’t wait to go swimming in the cenotes one day.

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