A MEXICO MUST SEE! (Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary)

Info on monarch migration and the Piedra Herrada Sanctuary:

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Ave Alvarez says:

U guys doing better than the 3 amigos with the horses exelente video keep going with u videos alot more to explore in Mexico 32 estates El Espanol cada ves mejor u Spanish is getting better n better

Adrian Mendoza says:

I was there in the early 80’s and the view was amazing… Millions of Monarcas crowding the trees and bushes around that place in the woods… Thank you guys for an amazing work!

Ricardo Cespedes says:


Martinni Lpez says:

You guys have walk before on some other videos ,,, how’s that at this time you rode some horses,
enjoy that amazing expirience with the Monarch Butterfly,

Isela vazquez says:

Gringo I love how to you say monarcas.

Jose Perez says:

cuando tengan tiempo…visiten el sotano de las golondrinas…..en San Luis Potosi….es espectacular

Fabiola Garcia says:

Gorgeous place to see for sure!!! Glad you loved it!!!! You should definitely look into La Entrada del Señor de Araro in Michoacan. It’s 5/10 – 5/13 this year.

Freeman Reign says:

This is a very deep deep subject, look up Illuminati, Hollywood, the movie industry and the Monarchs. This butterflies are extremely special in what they do nothing on earth makes such a harsh trip.

Zoldyck Wolff says:

One of a kind experience in life, be witness of the wonders of nature.

Ethiria hz says:

Love you guys!!! y la guerita bien sensible.

Rosa Abrego says:

Thank you for sharing. i had never, ever heard of this place, but now it’s on my bucket list!

Jorge Lopez says:

I guess they appreciate the nice comments, but maybe we can do more than that to support them, now that she’s is unemployed, we should be a patrons, that way they can keep showing the world that mexico it’s not just drugs and violence,

E.Patricia Glzz says:

Hola ..no sabia de este lugar ..yo sabia de michoacan es muy famoso por las mariposas monarcas .

Angel Cremass says:

Espero puedan visitar el Volcán Nevado de Toluca, la Huasteca Potosina, Tequila, Morelia, Huatulco, Monterrey, Zacatecas, Guadalajara(vayan a un partido del Chivas y a la zona de Puerta de Hierro), Mérida.

Joan Escofet says:

And it is impressive, and video, indeed, never makes justice to reality, jaja, XxOo!! 🙂

Kathy Sterndahl says:

I’m glad you enjoyed this but you need to do it again. Next time, make sure you get up to the butterflies before the sun hits the trees. In the cold of morning, the trees are so loaded with them that the branches all hang down, and when the sun gets high enough and hits a tree, all the butterflies on that tree take off at once and fill the air. There are so many that they bump into you and you have to stand still so you don’t hurt them. The horses are nice, though; we walked up and my asthma just about killed me. Love your videos! I’ve been living in Jalisco for 14 years and I’ll never move back north!

Luz Maria Rahla says:

I was in one of the Monasteries of the Monarch Butterfly, pretty impressive, they did not allow any kind of noise, phones or any other music app, :>)

Luis Varela says:

Thank you for this video it was awesome.

Cezannie Melchor says:

The Monarch Butterflies are able to travel thousands of miles by riding the wind from North America to Canada to Mexico and back again always ending their journey to hibernate in Mexico until they come out of hibernation and repeat this cycle every year, google the documentary, “Flight of the Butterflies”.

Lues Times says:

It’s a love fest

Alejandro Echeverria says:

Great videos! I think your content would go well with Quora community’s questions, should definitely check it 🙂 keep it up!

Ricardo Cespedes says:


zu am says:

…….hey, if you had died for this….you will resurrect in Tlaxcala state with the fireflies and lighting bugs areas

Alexandro Duarte says:

Creo la sensación y la vista no se pueden expresar en el vídeo. Porque Ellos lo vivieron en vivo y a todo color. Pero gracias por mostrarlo weros. Tendremos que iré en persona.

Pygant says:

i hope you enjoyed about The Santuario De la Mariposa Monarca : )

luisnavarroone says:

I would have bought some carrots for that horse ride. I love horses.

Javier Manriquez says:

I when 4 years ago is beautiful place

Eduardo Ramirez says:

Valle de bravo yeahhh. Hermoso !!! Un pedasito de lo hermoso se Mexico. Saludos guera, Saludos guero… Enjoy Mexico…

Tita Leon says:

Thanks to show to the world the other face of my beautiful Mexico.

ángel Ramos says:

I’m from Santa Cruz Ca and they pass through here during the migration. It truly is a beautiful sight when you see the trees and then realize all those orange things are butterflies. Keep up the awesome work!

Melisa Rios says:

Hermosa la naturalesa saludos

cachano7 says:

Wow it’s amazing!!!

juan martinez says:

Ir was so Magic and Incredible place. Gracia’s amigos por compartirlo con to-do El mundo.

Leo. Villicaña. says:

Monarcas Morelia #1 f***k Club America. Visit Janitzio, Patzcuaro, Tzintzuntzan, Quiroga, San Juan Nuevo and Uruapan too, but try to avoid Apatzingan the Mafia capital of Michoacan.

Angel Garcia says:

wow how wonderful experience . congrats guys

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