Xunantunich Mayan Ruin Site in Belize, Central America

Learn more about the Maya civilization.

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Meera911 says:

xe 2349e0! by 950 A.D., the Mayan civilization had collapsed. No one knows for certain how it happened, and no one knows for sure how many people died. Archaeologists have different theories, which include starvation, drought, climate change, disease, and warfare.

Alberto Gomez says:

that’s the same guide we had. he so knowledgeable!

Maria Machain says:

Porque Belice es de extranjeros si son de América, seguramente se lo robaron como acostumbran de debería hablar español.

xe 2349e0 says:

what happened to cause the mayans to disappear?

genius0173 says:

Guatemala must get its territory of Belice back…. every meter of it and a compensation from the criminal and pirate English monarchy…. because the small island of England had no resources fucking monarchy had to steal and colonize most of the world… motherfuckers pirates…. A multibillion euro’s compensation should be paid to Guatemala for centuries of usurpation by the English corporations that exploits Guatemalan 23rd. province of Belice….. Kjell Eugenio Laugerud (son of Norwegian and Guatemalan mother) who kept the Guatemalan currency the Quetzal above the US dollar during his presidency between 1974-1978 was going to invade the Guatemalan territory of Belice and get it back in 1976 but the terrible earthquake that killed over 25,000 Guatemalans derailed his patriotic plans…. Long live Kjell…. Guatemala should invade Belice and get it back… do not trust the international Court it is bunch of crooks ….. As a Christian I say “god bless the men of good will”

Who dat? says:

dude, this is cool

Oleg Finodeyev says:

the video making progress is obvious. Congratulations!

OnTheGoWithCarson says:

I’m going here in March so thanks for sharing 🙂 It’s making me excited!

Joseph Gallardo says:

Fascinating! It blows my mind how these people put all of this together, including, feeding a large workforce put to the task, for God knows how long, centuries! Fascinating! From a fan from Henderson, Nv. Joseph Gallardo. ..

jeissen mattu says:

proud to be a belizean

Maria Machain says:

Mentiras los mayas no hacían sacrificios humanos, los europeos en gran parte hacen sus rituales.

Harry Bravatti says:

From Guatemala in América Central thank you for Mayaland video , congratulation 23/01/2018

Global0bserveR says:

We are NOT “first and only” advanced civilization on this planet. There were much more advanced cultures before us that were wiped out either by great cataclysm or nuclear war type scenario. Here you will find evidence of the machine tools markings on ancient artifacts in Egypt and other countries.. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=86WZBzP9cHo

d. cypher says:

Nice video. Thanl you

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