Tour of Chichen Itza Mayan Pyramids, Yucatan, Mexico

Exploring the amazing Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula.
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Tour of Chichen Itza Mayan Pyramids, Yucatan, Mexico


Mexica2324 says:

what the Europeans invaders came to ruin with their savages behavior…Spaniards and English men are one of the worst and there was no justice for our people ..70 to 100 million indigenous lives were taken in the hands of European criminals…their number one weapon smallpox and all of this they keep hidden from us but soon all of our people will open their eyes…mexicans , central americans and native americans using colonial terms…we are one people indigenous pride ! indigenous land ! always will be never forget 1492 and 1519.

Leunam Zurc says:

Looks like they had fun back in the day with private swimpool.Good video man.

baddogonline says:

Nothing on those signs about their culture of Patriarchy, environmental degradation, slavery, or human sacrifice?  Hmm, I guess that only happened in the US.

Daniel Holliday says:

Great video. I’m heading there in a few months. Thanks for the details. FYI — a cenote is part of an underground network of streams created by the shock wave of the KT Event (that, in part, killed the dinosaurs). The cenotes are connected and if you follow their shape, you can they pepper the crest of what used to be the crater of that impact.

__ __ says:

Jesus fuck…these people were soo advanced in terms of astronomy. it’s insane.

HaoA Nguyen says:

Dear Mexico Mayan,

I really don’t know much about your culture and history. I still don’t know what your belief was. In general speaking I sometimes feel your people so hard to communicate with. Is because you people proud of yourself too much of your own liberal which is a little different others. Can someone answer me? I speak from what I believe. And I hope someone will receive my humanity voice message to be conscience good human.

Pigeon says:

8th view lol.
So hold on, I’m sitting here with 8 inches of snow everywhere and you’re down there at Chichen Itza?! 😀
Lucky you man, hope you had fun!

Tapio Siili says:

Mexico or India? Which country should I visit Gabe?

Rebecca Benavides says:

When I visited Chichen Itza, our tour guy mention that people are not allowed to go on top of the pyramid because many have died in that past (including archeologist). You have to come down the pyramid like a zig zag (that is how the Mayans did it), it has to do with how steep the stairs were made.

bass booster says:

thia is a cool video i do love this kind of video’s

Archangel Michael says:

would of loved to seen those iguanas

Archangel Michael says:

too bad your whole video was showing your hairy face and not ruins !

Todd Dionne says:

I am not saying a thing, but I been up and in the pyramid, You really should have a guide to teach you what the real history is.

mutusos78 says:

don’t go to Mexico you will get sick. I was there for a week,and diarea everyday

Deborah Thorntonmathis says:


sanch Sanchayan says:

I am sure the colonizers took a lot of knowledge and digested them from the mayans just like they did with egypt.

Puddle Hopper227 says:

How wonderful that you shared all of this with those of us that might not ever be able to take such a journey. Thank you!

David Marfas says:


Brian Porteous says:

Great Footage and very informative. !
I notice you sniff a lot , natural body reaction to dehydration.

Tu Padre says:

And underneath that pyramid there is a cenote. amazing how it was built on top of that. can’t get my head around it!

Runner Gib says:

I was fortunate to climb the temple back in 2006. There were iguanas all over the place including on the steps as you climbed the stairs.

Nate Lewis says:

nice video, did you take an early tour or went alone?

Trickyfix says:

I wish you had visited the Astronomy Observatory

Concerned American says:

You used to be able to climb to the top of the main pyramid. I was there in 1982

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