Thunderstorms and Mayan Ruins [Mexico]

In Part One, Damon & Jo travel thousands of years in the past to the ancient Mayan civilization in Coba, Mexico! Watch to see how they cope with getting caught in a freak thunderstorm at the top of the highest of 6,000 ruins in the village!

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trintyprince says:

what an amazing view, awesome vid can’t wait for more.

manoel manoel says:

I love the music on this video

HelloDallxoxo says:


Montserrat G. says:

deberían visitar las barrancas del cobre en chihuahua, yo he ido y es de las mejores experiencias que he tenido!!

Adrian Zamora says:

Damon- “Let’s go! Corre!” (1 sec later) “lets stop cause i’m tired) LMAO!

Nila Travels says:

Ohh noo the camera is getting wet! :O (heartattack) 😛 What camera did you use to shoot with? Looove to watch your spontanious travel vids!
Love from Holland.

MissMosstheBossTV says:

places ineed to be

Pause The Moment says:

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun on this little adventure to Coba (minus the sweat and the heat exhaustion). Can’t wait to see more vids from Mex!

kamapuci says:

“Im embracing it” 🙂

D.P. Jolly says:

Awesome job!

Hotchoclateymilk says:

3:08 is so funny…I love your videos

Alyssa Soriano says:

this music makes me want to booty pop and swing my hair lmao

Aly L says:

I love your guys channel! And getting to see so many different parts of the world! You guys honestly came up with a great idea to share your experiences with the world and Im so glad you did 😀

moonlight says:

Oh my god, i swear, you guys have the best travel videos! I’m so addicted and inspired and motivated to go travelling at the end of this year! You two are my fav youtubers right now <3

faffounette says:

how did you find each other! you’re like soulmates

Esraa Nabil says:

Amazing !!

Nicholas Hethersay says:

Omg your so lucky. I want to visit mayan ruins!! I so want to plan a trip there!!:)

dementedgoat says:

Jo is just so cute! I love you Jo! yuo’r so pretty! i love the colour of your skin and your beautiful hair!

Catherine says:

please hope you reply!!! where did you stay when you went over there???? I’m tryna be ballin on a budget can’t afford hotels 🙁

Kirsten Reddoch says:

who can say they have danced in the rain atop a Mayan temple?!?! STOP your killing me haha

Jarol Rivera says:

I couldn’t help but laugh when Jo said ” i’m EMBRACING IT” heheheh

AC Wyatt says:

Everytime I think Jo looks fantastic, she says that she looks terrible

Gill Peçanha says:

Hi Jo and Damon! Wow beautiful landscape…

So tell me, when will you come to Rio-Brazil? 😀


thepeacefish says:

I love how Jo is like “ugh sorry I don’t look good guys” as if she ever doesn’t look gorgeous ever

Destiny Nicole Mimi says:

Ugh my favorite people everrrrrr

Pippa Pipe says:

Looks like so much fun!! Great inspiration 🙂

Kodi Reacts says:

freaking awesome video!! 🙂

kauan clash says:

muito bom gostei!!!

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