The Coolest Stuff on the Planet- The Mayan Ruins at Chichen Itza

Where in Mexico are these ancient ruins? When are the best (and worst!) times to visit? What role do the ruins play in the Mayan calendar and the end of the world in 2012? Tune in to learn more.


cafecon2 says:


Hello guys, first of all, thank you for posting this video, besides having amazing information, it is very well explained. I enjoyed very much.

There’s only something I think it’s important to underline; I think the whole idea of the “Quetzalcoatl descending on 12/21/2012” it’s a misconception not by archeologists or the Mayan Calendar but, by the media propaganda.

The Mayan Calendar speaks about renovation, the beginning of a new era.

Greetings from a Mexican.


poor liars, mayans never said that

Adrian Galvan says:

third to last

Spun0ne says:

Anyone see any recent documentaries with out Chemtrails in them….just sayin

lcbreezyl says:

Come on the 2012 thing is Bs. Why did you mention it???

xe 2349e0 says:

these ladies talk like theyre doing a fundraiser…turnoff! and the background music sucks

Borna HorvaTh says:

Human sacrifice to demons and worshipping some serpent(maybe Satan,cuz he’s called old serpent).
Not a nice place to live in.

Michael McClary says:

Love these vids! Great palette cleanser from the eerie, Stuff they dont want you to know vids. Dont get me wrong, I love those scary vids but after watching a few, its great to know that i can easily forget about them with vids like this one! Keep up the great work guys!!

Sou1zify says:

lol agree

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