ONE WEEK IN CHIAPAS, MEXICO | Mayan Ruins, Canyons & UNREAL Waterfalls

Chiapas isn’t just one of the coolest regions of Mexico, it’s also one of the most amazing places I’ve travelled to date. The Chiapas region in Mexico is PACKED with things to see, including some of the best waterfalls, Maya ruins and seriously impressive natural landscapes.

In December 2017, I took a one week roadtrip with @brendanvanson @backpackersteve and @kickthegrind from Mexico City to Chiapas to explore some of the best things to do in Chiapas. We were all blown away by just how beautiful the Chiapas region of Mexico is and how much is has to offer for tourists.

The crazy thing is that there isn’t much tourism in Chiapas. Mexico is a popular tourist destination for tourists from all over the world, but Chiapas is still a real hidden gem. We had nearly all the tourist sites we visited completely to ourselves – even the giant Mayan ruins and temples! I just can’t believe there aren’t more tourists in Chiapas.

I hope this video inspires you to consider Chiapas for your next vacation. And if you’re thinking about heading to Mexico, I hope it will get you excited to visit Mexico too! You can see more great locations in Mexico in my Mexico City vlogs and Ouxaca food vlog:

6 of the coolest things to do in Mexico city:

A night out in Mexico City (including Lucha Libre!):

You can also see my photos from Chiapas, Mexico, on my Instagram page (@alajode).

Thanks for watching!



I’m Mexican and I was not aware there are cenotes in Chiapas. People always heard about cenotes in Yucatan or Quintana Roo. Thanks.

Arbitrary Exploration says:

I love your sunglasses. The water is so clear and views are impressive!! Thank you for sharing!

Eliseo Lopez says:

Wow que buenas nalgotas

miller3339 says:

Thanks for the Video Jodie.  we have traveled to Puerto Vallarta a half dozen times in the last 4 years and are looking for something a little different and thanks to your video I think Chiapas is next on the list.Questions for you:
did you use one city as a “hub” and visit all the places that you went on day trips?  if so, where did you stay? also, where did you fly into? I’m really interested in how you got to all those wonderful places.

thank you again for the video.

reny says:

Im from chiapas…near by Tapachula…Im glad to see many ppl like my state…we have so many things to offer to the world….Everyone is welcome to Chiapas anytime…!!!

luis anaya says:

chiapas is one of the last and very well taken care of natural beautys of mexico some of my family lives there and the indegenous ppl there are very protective of the land which is a good thing thnks for showing the rest of the world this gem.

Don Tomas says:

wow, I was born in Chiapas but I grew up in Mexico City, what a nice video.Chiapas is an amazing City I’ve been told. I hope to go back some day to Chiapas and see the Mayan Ruins, Palenque was the first City Built by the Mayas. thank you for sharing this beautiful video.

nahualcondor says:

Amazing canyon!!!

Snoopy a says:

Princesa no quiero ser grosero al contrario, pero si en algún momento quisieras ponerte brackets, en México te saldrían regalados a comparación de estados unidos, y mucho mejores que los de estados unidos. digo si en algún momento dado eso te llegara a afectar tu autoestima en México el precio esta muy barato que te sorprenderías. pero a mi en lo personal y especifico así estas perfecta.

wicho lopez moguel says:

Hermoso video bienvenida ami estado

Roberto Alvidrez says:

Where are you guys from..thanks…???

Adrian Photovisions says:

Jodie, you re losing your English accent!

Jean-Luc Coulon says:

Nice job Jodie!

guapoxti says:

Just beautiful!

Scottman895 Travel says:

Those are some amazing views of the canyon! The Mayan ruins look really cool as well. Awesome video!

angel herrera says:

supper beauriful by the way u have a beutiful eyes

Richard Harkins says:

Great work Jodie!! Really enjoying your videos and travel. Keep up the good work.

david nassur says:

WOW! First. |Looks like a great place to visit, Love the Vlogs Jodie, keep them coming, I remember when moving to the next town was a big deal!

Ed Ward says:

I enjoy your vlogs quite a bit. Please, don’t take this wrong, but you have the most photogenic eyes I’ve seen in a while. Keep up the vlogs. Thank you.

RoamwithRachel says:

Lovely video! I just came back from Mexico as well

scotty4418 says:

Nice work Jodie and great to see parts of Mexico that are not the run of the mill tourist areas. Best wishes to you and Brendan for the New Year

PEACE 1 says:

Wow! Chiapas truly looks amazing! I bet you still missed many other parts such as agua azul, la candona forest. Where did you find your tour guide??

Photografia Australis says:

Simply breathtaking scenery and a place for the bucket list. Well done Jodie. Greg

Don's travels and rants DON says:

Brilliant. Hope to get to that level of editing in the future.

allan sisson says:

Really like the different view from Brendan , you always produce a great vlog.

a lucas says:

Beautiful ..tank you so much
. God bless you all

mix vr says:

ey guapa

toniayan says:

Hi Jodie Chiapas is a state

Soy Iván says:

I’m from chiapas also… and I have some videos about it obviously in Spanish

Dorian Perez says:

My from is chiapas

garzes garzes says:

i am glad you like mexico there is to many beautiful places to go

Lee James Young says:

I just love a good adventure. Good Job Jodie keep up the good work, I think you are getting pretty good at this. traveling, hiking, vloging all at the same time must be exhausting. Tell everyone Hello! I look forward to your next vlog.

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