Mayan ruins at Uxmal Mexico

Ancient Mayan ruins at Uxmal in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.


Tracy Hanes says:

Thanks Scott – we will be sure to visit your hacienda when we return next winter!

Tracy Hanes says:

Hi Scott – we used a Panasonic HDC TM700 and a monopod for the video and a Canon 5D Mark II for the photography.

Peanut Gallery says:

Well done, great hypnotic background music transports you to the past…

Scott Lackey says:

Gorgeous photography, intense music and excellent quick cuts. You’ve captured Uxmal! Just wondering what video camera setup you shot this on–if you don’t mind sharing?
Thanks, Scott Lackey

A9JUL says:

Well Done!

aryan clair says:

Human sacrifice in Europe. Christians killed millions of innocent peoples in this world but who know mayan killed people for sacrificed that lie start the Christian church and they write lie books about mayan peoples they want convert the mayan peoples. only

Max Taverna says:

Thanks for posting this very well-made video, Tracy! Very useful for planning our soon-coming Yucatan tour.

Scott Lackey says:

Thanks a lot Tracy. We posted your video on a Facebook page we manage for Hacienda Petac, a restored hacienda outside Merida in the Yucatan. Uxmal is one of the favorite day trips for our guests. Again…great work.

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