Major New Discovery: Ancient Maya ‘Megalopolis’ in Guatemala

Researchers using a high-tech aerial mapping technique have found tens of thousands of previously undetected #Maya houses, buildings, defence works and #pyramids in the dense jungle of #Guatemala’s Peten region, suggesting that millions more people lived there than previously thought.

Image credits: Canuto & Auld-Thomas/PACUNAM via AP, Wild Blue Media, Channel 4, National Geographic

This video is a news update for educational purposes only. The project’s discoveries will feature in a Channel 4 programme called Lost Cities of the Maya: Revealed, airing in the UK on Sunday 11 February, 2018, at 20:00 GMT.


Yukki Amano says:

Proud to be Guatemalan 🙂

Maria Dowler says:

Amazing !!

Don House says:

Y r we so fascinated by Mayans?
They built pyramid to make sacrifices to the Gods…
Hey I’m not knocking what happened2000 yrs ago just curious?

swe3t23 says:

Why did they abandon

vilijitiut13 says:

I would think that kind of concealment from plant and habitat growth would take a lot longer than 1100 years.

Reyna says:

Greattt now they are gonna go toGuate and start messing with the rain forest

Mahunri Muriancumer Capulac says:

You should all read the Book Of Mormon guys you will know who built those cities..For you those discoveries are mystery but for us its not mystery anymore since we have read the Book of Mormon.

Michael L says:

If you plan on traveling to Guatemala make sure that any guide service you might be considering is well connected with local officials as well as its citizens. And make sure they have many years of experience. As I’m sure you’re aware Guatemala is considered on of the most dangerous places to visit. In fact they are rated number 10 out of 20 countries. Do your homework, speak to people who have been there. Don’t count on yelp reviews to make your decision. Guatemala is a beautiful place, especially the jungles, pools and ruins. The people there as a whole are beautiful people. You won’t be disappointed a lot to see there.

Carl Spartacus says:

The real reason the Maya have disappeared is that their priests and elite, the ones that knew science and tech went back to the stars. The colony ended and they were needed elsewhere, or their bosses called them out. Check the “Palenque Astronaut” rock, depicts a machine with a rocket exaust, and those little statues where Mayans used devices similar to our modern astronaut clothes or deep sea diving suits.

Foreordained 777 says:

Let’s explore those ruins!

Mykal Esparza says:

Amazing… Damn I wish to live 100 Years more!

Old Man from Scene Twenty Four says:

It would be great if this technology was applied to the entire planet.

Sieño Castillo - Free Reign Living says:

Great reporting brotha. Thanks.

lindner matul says:

Amazing wow wow beatiful land the Mayan city loved

Robin Raine says:

Maybe they probably knew about the new world and decided to leave the city because they knew it was going to get destroyed anyway. XD

Sam Drake says:

Very intriguing! Just found your channel and subbed! Excellent reporting!


I want on that plane!!

Charles Brown says:

In his book 1491, Charles C. Mann estimated there were approximately 120 million people in the Americas! He also wrote about how the Amazon was a huge civilization connected by causeways. The people there created a special highly fertile soil called Terra Preta. Simply amazing! They were the most advance botanists/farmers ever! I mean think about it; they bred grass into corn! And the lowly potato; which according to National Geographic was a key enabler of the industrial era. We don’t give the native peoples of the Americas the recognition they deserve.

Kleopatra Caesar says:

I want updates on this discovery so badly!

ロナルド says:

My roots, i’m so proud :’)

Christopher Haro says:


Shubhasya Shigram says:

All was build by ancient Indians. Maya was a king from India. Western archeologist are fradulent.

kelsin joshua says:

Guatemala maya wow! Amazing, thanks for the video ,, greetings from Guatemala , muchas gracias saludos a todos desde Guatemala

No secrets says:
Check out my new finding

kush209 says:

What’s the latest on this?

TFfolkes says:

whomever missed this until recently is a moron

Clair Pahlavi says:

Very cool. The local Indians know they ate there, however.

Kevin Gee says:

In 1992-3 I went cross country along the ruta maya from Belize to Guatamala into Chiapes to Palenque.While in Tikal and the surrounding area you could clearly see that”las ruinas” were covered by jungle growth and that some still had stones showing that had been displaced by large roots.Other mounds were visable as well. At that time money was the big problem for further excavation.It was a wonderfull trip full of great memories!

PSA says:

They made these sites protected … so can plunder it themselves! and sell it to the private market , so they can make big money with it , or keep it in Personal collections …. so we never gone see it again …. this they call protection 🙂

D.E 303- A new, low cost, home buildable, solar electric concentrator. says:

Maybe they drained the swamp.

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