Lasers On Planes Used To Reveal Massive Massive Complex Of Mayan Ruins | NBC Nightly News

With the high-tech help scientists have found that Maya civilization was more advanced and populous than previously imagined.
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Lasers On Planes Used To Reveal Massive Massive Complex Of Mayan Ruins | NBC Nightly News


hello says:

Massive massive

Roland Merino says:

aliens vs predator now jeje

YouTube Patrol says:


Demetrius Johnson says:

1828 Webster Dictionary Definition of American- states: Aboriginal or copper-colored races found here by the Europeans. But now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America.

Ptguy0618 says:

Good thing they didn’t use the same plan mounted lasers that started the California fires!

Thisismyart says:

Just follow the constellations and you will find more

ServeGOD orBURN says:

Going back to take and hide what evidence their ancestors left of the murder and enslavement of the 10 lost tribes of Israel on this side of the waters.

Dynasty says:

“Mayan Snake King” wtf national geographic. NG you are the true snake king, bunch of manipulative Liars

Rusty Blade7 says:

How u get Snake King, how bout Father Time? Wtf

Bb&me4ever says:

Hehe cool

R R says:

Of course masters of mathematics and architecture!!!

Frank Donovan says:

Great, I like everything about Mayan Civilization. I have been in Guatemala City and other nice places in that country, the Mayan cities at the Jungle are amazing. Thanks for the information.

Tako Bell says:

Viva el chorizo

Lance Thoma says:

the second they she said ” new nat geo documentary ” . It all made sense. This is nothing new, they are just promoting.

Walter Radtke says:

fun to spend a night alone there

o 1 says:

+Hue man i know guademale.
s are not mexican im meaning as in general people need to stop being nosey an stop digging in other back yard let the mayans find out there own back ground let the rest of tunels soon gojng to have people digging minning damaging artafacts

Jacob Ollie says:


oGMcRee says:

Snake king ofcourse why were almost all the ancients obsessed with snake kings and God’s so weird this snake worship.

valdir Gomez says:

Guatemala soul of maya culture

Pernection says:

I was there last week in Mexico

Firouz Karim says:

Where is Nathan Drake when you need him?

o 1 says:

great now mexico is going to be erased may be some time is better to leave them to mayanz to rest.leave mexico alone other people are more nosey to look in other country back yard an causes life contaminatio.

SUBZ3RO says:

*I find it funny that these so-called Americans go to Mexico whenever they please and complain when Mexicans come to America*

Anime Animal222 says:

Our government knew this, because we killed most of their people. Smh so much hidden truths coming out now that news stations have to talk about it and twist it to their liking. America sucks

The Best 2k Random on PS says:

You people are up to no good. Please, live that place alone.

Francisco Garcia90 says:

Danm. It feels good to be mexican guatemalan. So proud of my roots.

brandonwayne80 says:

Once we turn on the nuclear planets (pyramids) around the world so much will be uncovered and truth will come in like bight lights.

trilltex512 says:

Mormons already knew this

Zach Simon says:

Graham Hancock was right

J Mo says:

Wowwww this is so exciting!!!!!!!!

Dan Fernando says:

Were are the Mayans now?

Justin Guthrie says:

Release another piece of world history. Its cool. Only to distract from the bombshell of the liberal/democrat crimes surfacing. Just sayin.

Javier Oxlaj says:


D GAF says:

Great by forest

champ always says:

Discovering new building in Mayan city but still can’t find that Malaysian flight 370… Congratulations technology.

Demetrius Johnson says:

More negros

Public_ Juan says:

I visited those very same ruins when i was 15. Pretty cool when you see them in person.

Justin Guthrie says:

Cool for sure!
Somebody will complain about the rainforest being removed.

King Santos says:

Ok just make sure it stays where it belongs

C-Note Mac says:


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