Heading Into the Jungles of Mexico (Dzibanche Mayan Ruins) Royal Princess Cruise Vlog [ep13]

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Eileen Duffy says:

my sister climbed the steps but with a new hip, I wasn’t about to do it. The tour I was on was only for the one site so we got 2 hrs to explore. The bus ride was really long and my tour didn’t leave til 9 although we docked at 7

Twin Powers says:

Wow! Cool place! I think you guys are one of the best channels on YouTube! I have one question? What was your favorite Royal Caribbean cruise ship that you have been on?

newattnow says:

Elizabeth, you are the bomb diggity!! There’s no way I would have climbed up and down those steps. I was out of breath just watching you.

ColoradoKen says:

They closed the steps to “climbers” at Chichen Itza 10 years ago after an 80 year old woman fell and died climbing down. Graffiti was also a problem I guess. There were almost 100 steps, which I did twice in my trip there back in the mid 90’s. Not sure I could do it once today if it were still allowed. I do remember how friggin steep it was! The camera doesn’t do it justice as to the degree of steepness.

Cheryl Young says:

Omg I don’t think I want yo walk up that

Nathan Fryer says:

Sea cruises can you respond to this comment because tomorrow I’m going on the msc splendida a sister ship to the Msc divina so any tips thanks

Bronson Peltz says:

What was the thing hanging from the tree that you almost walked into??

RustySpoons says:

Love your vlogs, looks gorgeous there. This may be a dumb question, but are hiking shoes (good tread) too over the top to wear for a visit like this to the ruins? I’m trying to look at people’s feet. I see a lot of sneakers, some sandals. I hope Tulum is fun, that’s where I’ll be going…

Amy White says:

Love this episode! Elizabeth I was so nervous when you guys were so close to the edge. Thanks for the adventure!

CjWalsh928 says:

We’re going to Costa Maya in December. We’re really torn about going to the ruins. On one hand they’re gorgeous and I’d love to see them in person but on the other there were so many child sacrifices I wouldn’t feel right seeing where it happened.

Ben 525 says:

Hay, your website could do with an update on the ‘Future Cruise Vlogs’ page. And on your home page there is no Carnival page. Thanks 🙂

Sorcerer Heidi says:

Continuing to love all your channels, and content. And most especially – your close family bond!

Virginia lohrey says:

Shame it takes so long to get there….

christine emerson says:

Thank u so much for sharing this type of video with us…..love you for doing it!!!

Megan Frost says:

Those are beautiful ruins! My husband and I got to visit Chichen Itza on our cruise and it was the highlight of our trip for sure!


looking down from the top of the ruins makes me feel sick but was a great view

virgen fj says:

You all are very adventurous. 4hr drive is an adventure I aint willing to take.

Keith Schwartz says:

Yassssss qweeens climb those pyramids!!!

Callum Scoular says:

my volume was up 100% and at the start of the video my eardrums exploded

XPJPJT says:

Amy, Elizabeth & kids: Please be VERY VERY careful when you are recording while climbing and on high structures. It’s so easy to miscalculate distance or a step and lose your footing. Please be safe first and foremost before recording your videos for us viewers.

Cheryl Young says:

Omg they left people behind ,,what would happen would the ship leave them?

Bobbie lay says:

best video ever thank u guys

Scott Singer Cruises says:

Wonderful video as always! I couldn’t stop laughing seeing those tv screens go up and down. Sure wouldn’t want to sit below them! Lol. The ruins were beautiful! Though I’m sure I would have gotten nervous going down! It looked pretty steep! Can’t wait for the next video!

Jennifer Slater says:

My day is not complete without your videos THANK YOU ❤⛴

Greenfire249 says:

so awesome 🙂

supersuperwendy says:

So enjoying the princess vlogs. As I said on your FB a while ago we have the regal 10 night island hopper for our anniversary this fall!! trying to decide about the drink package, I’m thinking skip it, looks like there are tons of drink deals throughout so no need?!

msrayness says:

Thanks for posting a new vlog!

Michelle Letourneau says:

What was the name of the towel?

toya The cruiser says:

I just love all your videos.

GTA 5 Pro's says:

Hay sea cruisers when you get 100k or 1million subs always remember I’ve been here since 16k

theborne says:

What a rowdy bunch! LOL Q: Can someone take that tour without being on the cruise?

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