Exploring The MAYAN RUINS OF CHICHEN ITZA! (Mexico Vlog Day 6)

Exploring the Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza in Mexico has been at the top of our bucket list for a long time! And today, WE’RE MARKING IT OFF! 💪 These ancient Mayan ruins have been around since 600 A.D. and lots of these amazing structures today still remain! There are so many mysteries to unlock here 😍

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Pamela Mikel says:

awesome video, you two.  thanks so much for the fantastic footage and history of these places.  great choices of bnb’s, they really are so authentic & lovely….even the little motel was cute.  thanks for sharing.  loving adventuring with you!!  pam in texas

Americakb says:

I’ve never been to those pyramids, but I have been to Teotihuacan and Tula in Mexico. It’s a beautiful place.

alynette says:

awesome ruins and awesome view of the beach!

Jessica Shook says:

Omg that airbnb is beautiful!

arturo imperial garcia says:

In Mexico there is a bigger pyramid is call tehotihuacan you need visit is crazy

Chris Danger says:

Chichen Itza looks amazing, I am envious of yous guys!

calichef1962 says:

When the air temperature is hot the word isn’t caliente. In Spanish you say, “Hace mucho calor!” the literal translation of which is “make much heat” but that’s how it’s said. Spicy food is caliente, temperature is calor.

Edges Of Earth says:

– Pretty cool place! Mexico has been on my list of places to go for wayyy too long..

Matt Waffle says:

today I stumbled across a guitar lesson cause I needed to know the chords to a song called “broadripple is burning” I was like wow this guy sounds like Eric, from the endless adventure… but then I thought it can’t be him because of the haircut… (I haven’t been around long enough to see you with the old haircut) then I looked at the channels most recent video and it’s you!!! What a coincidence… you have a brilliant taste in music and I never knew you could sing so well and play guitar! Cheers!

Pingyping says:

woo those ruins

Iris Bonet says:

That’s like The Road to El Dorado! 🙂

Cindy Duran says:

waiting for your next vlog:( where are u guys?

Capitan Bastos says:

Looks like an awesome place to stsy!

Shula Oudean says:

When you come to Israel, you can stay with us for free !! Come do a trip here !! You will have a blast !!!!!

George Ramos says:

NICE Video how hot does it get there looks hot and humid By the way that Jaguar whistle looks cool how much are they

Cris Yorke says:

I don’t know why, but Allison looks gorgeous in this vlog! I like to read on the Aztec and the Mayan culture by the way! Their architectures are super dope!

A9JUL says:

Very well made. Nice Images. Good Personalities. Informational. Just subscribed

Andrew Donaghy says:

I found chichen itza obviously beautiful but it was totally ruined by the markets and how touristy it was

stephanie scolpini says:

first comment love you guys

Undine Shorey says:

Going there next week! Thanks for the tips!

PixarFreak says:

Hi there i’m new! Just wanted to comment the reflection of the temple on your red shades is epic! Looks almost apocalyptic.

TheTravelingClatt says:

more like chicken pizza amiright

wet timguavass says:

The Mayans did not perform human sacrifice….

Kerrie Wheeler says:

Ahhhhhhhhh, just beautiful!!!

Phill Brocklehurst says:

great video when you said about the big hole and how one person was supposed to have climbed out. first thing popped in to me head was Bruce Wayne climbing out of the pit and the legend has it he became the…. Batman

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