EXPLORING Ruta Puuc – The FORGOTTEN Mayan Ruins of the Yucatan ! (MEXICO TRAVEL)

Join us on an adventure, as we explore the Ruta Puuc, a series of lesser known Mayan ruins in the Yucatan, of Mexico. Escape the crowds, and follow us around from Uxmal, to Kabah,Sayil,Xlapak and Labana. Find out how much we spent on each site, and see the unique features of each ruin . The Ruta Puuc is a MUST DO when you visit the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico! Make sure to subscribe, to keep up with our adventures. Leave a comment so I know you’re watching.

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L F says:

dam those views are amazing

Here Be Barr says:

What did you think of the ruins? Leave me a comment . Make sure to subscribe if you are new (http://bit.ly/2ddsVMs).

YUCATAN PLAYLIST: http://bit.ly/2mfr56Q

The Backpackers Ltd. says:

nice video.
cheers from The backpackers Ltd.

Todd Hata says:

So cool, I’ve only been to the main ones out there in the Yucutan, Chichen Itza, Tulum, a couple others I can’t remember the names. I’ll have to check some of those out next time!

wet timguavass says:

There is no definitive proof of human sacrifice in ancient Mexico.

Journal of Nomads says:

Loved this vlog and I really love the music you used while visiting the ruins, such a cool atmosphere! I would love to visit these ruins at one point! We’ll be keeping your tip in mind concerning the light show and what you said about the gas stations in the Yucatan.

Juan Teutle says:

Great vlog!!!
P.S. the Capitan of the winner team is the one to sacrificed, because they thought it was the highest honor.

L F says:

where do I find a cute mexican guide??

SparkinHeart says:

Really cool sights

Look Who's Blogging says:

i don’t feel comfortable driving in foreign countries. oh ya, we learned about that sport when we were in TJ. it’s the winning team that is sacrificed because God doesn’t want any losers. where there any vandalism on the site? LOL at the blurring of the stone statue. i like how it’s less and less crowded as you went. so the light show didn’t have any performers?

JuanBC perezz says:

Mmm no, the winning team was sacrificed. It was an honor for them to be sacrificed. The Mayans did not make sacrifices all the time, besides they were very good in mathematics and astronomy.

guapoxti says:

Wow It’s just beautiful!! so much history!

Dulce Maria says:

A lot of history over there, unfortunately, Mayans did sacrifice their own people, like in the cenote of Chichen Itza, they sacrificed women and children, the first explorers to get to The Cenote Sagrado found a lot of gold and precious stones, they would adorned the people they were going to sacrifice….Thanks Jon Barr, you show a lot of history about ancient tribes and their places.

Alan kermit says:

Hi guys, I’m an ex-pat living in Campeche, Mexico and we have a wonderful ruin here called Edzna. Also the famous ruins of Calakmul. This is my video of Uxmal if you care to check it out. https://youtu.be/Yy_Ff_OW6wA


it was a fun trip!

gabriel salazar says:

I live in this Zone, on a little Town Oxkutzcab, was also the Lol-Tun Cave this is so good and Amazing

B Adventures Travel Vlogs says:

Nice little tour. Looked like something out of the movies, being all quiet and remote. LOL’d at the ancient sports team motivation story 😉

Nate Meets World says:

I’m glad you enjoyed Uxmal though it seems like you had pretty bad luck with arriving at the same time as tour groups. There weren’t any big crowds when I went to Uxmal 2.5 years ago.

L F says:

lady guide

Melissa Adami says:

Have you visited Teotihuacan? If yes which ones do you prefer and why?

guillermo enrique perez pinelo says:

Recomend Chichen Itza show of lights and sound. Its more better and its renovating

L F says:

True , us has more educated drivers but for some reason I feel like you see more accidents in the US

vanmour says:

Great video. I think as I shared with you, I loved Labná and especially the sacbé – I had never heard of the Mayan Highway – and thought it fascinating. Glad I never did the sound and light show. Enjoy.

Jamie Banks says:

I’ve always wanted to see Mayan ruins like these. Thanks for taking us there!

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