EPIC MAYAN RUINS | Cancun, Mexico

Scuba diving in caves cenotes and a visit to the ancient mayan city of Coba, Mexico.

Cool people on my trip:
♥ Louis http://www.youtube.com/funforlouis
♥ Alex and Marko: http://www.youtube.com/vagabrothers

Huge thanks to Louis for letting me use his gopro footage underwater since mine decided to quit this place…

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Canon 70D Body
Canon L 24-102mm f/2.8
Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8



leo-d says:

quite cool!! 😀

ALMA mochilera says:

hola visiten nuestro canal saludos

JXintheZ says:


ArcticSpy says:

Do you edit and add audio/music to your videos by yourself? awesome video :-)!

Camlawn Man says:

Nadine better be careful the Mayans sacrificed virgins.

Mango_mads says:

When you were diving i was like I swear thats loui!! and rthen read the description – damn this makes me happy :3

64Rubix says:

really cool video – nice work!

Woleyy says:

You look a bit tired or stressed. Are you ok? Beautiful footage though! I really love your filming.

RATED says:

Scuba diving in cave tour ? What tour was that and how much ?

The Verbally Abusive Clown says:

This chick really gets around.

Dame International says:

Hey Nadine, loved the music you chose and also so great to watch a female travel blogger (I watch Ben and Louis), can you recommend any other female travel vloggers like yourself? x

Family videos says:

did Louis really just run up those steps?  it seems like he was up there so fast

dspid2404 says:

That GoPro camera is worth every cent. Really clear underwater. I love underwater video and that cave was amazing.

Dani Anne says:

WOW – what an amazing job you did filming this and editing!!  Thank you!

lordcoyote2000 says:

The underwater shots were amazing!

Designing Life says:

Woah. That was ridiculously breathtaking. That underwater footage was… just incredible. As always great vid. 🙂

Torsee says:

Good for you, being FEARLESS!
Those caves would have given me claustrophobia.
Great video!

AliGomie says:

That looks so scary from up there!!

filmzen says:

So beautiful. Im looking into different airlines that go to Mexico, (and other places..) specifically Alaska Airlines. Are there any airlines that you would recommend that are a good value but also reliable and have good customer service? 

Evergreen Glacier says:

+Hey Nadine Where are u going next? You’ve still got 2 wonders of the world to see 🙂
Petra and the Taj Mahal.

Stuka87 says:

Being on the tops of those Myan ruins is awesome. On a really clear day you can see Chichen Itza from Uxmal (and vice versa).

Michael Zola says:

That was amazing.  Thanks for taking us along!

Doctor Wildeh says:

Hand’s sweaty just watching this whole thing

Beth Weisbach says:

hi i was just wondering how you get to travel so much? its my dream and id love to start living a life where i can see the world! also your videos are so fun!!!

ricksol54 says:

I would really like to go on a journey with you nadine

The Verbally Abusive Clown says:

First comment by the way.  Where’s my prize???

wet timguavass says:

Mayans did not believe in Gods.

Nicole Fiona says:

haha i died going up this too 

Nadine L says:

Hey from one Nadine to another 🙂 Really cool place, I’ve been there too – you did such a great job of filming and documenting it!

Agata B says:

i love love love love all your videos 🙂

Jaclyn Alvarez says:

Haha I just came back from cancun yesterday and it was awesome!!!!

slimani haythem says:

thank’s for the video  love it  , i realy want to visit mexico it looked very wonderful place and try the scuba  diving !!

Espi Silguero says:

Nadine, I’m absolutely in love with your latest Mexico vlogs. As someone who has lived in both central and south Texas my entire life, I’ve grown up with a certain “stereotype” of what Mexico is like (of course these are limited to the border towns). It’s lovely to see the beauty and richness of culture and land that Mexico really has to offer. 

Scoot v says:

sooooooo epic so awesome

Bryan L says:

Great vlog! I enjoyed watching the scuba diving again after watching it over on Louis

Adam100m says:


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