Ep.184 Mayan Ruins of Mexico

Our time in Isla Mujeres came to and end so we head to the Island Cozumel. With a lot of Mexico still to explore we decide to submerge a bit more into the Mayan civilization and go to explore the Ruins of Tulum and Cobá.

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craig me says:

Only quality …I know you are low on gear at moment… But hold the camera still, it doesnt like movement it seems.

Godda say that twas amazing place, wow! You sure can find them!

Love you guys. What a place.

Only an Ausi would follow a pretty spider. Gorgeous!

Keep it up bodge old chook. Was spot on but for the poor stability. Loved the blue pool shots! Thank Margaretta for the history lesson too!

Ben Steel says:

Considering water visibility. I think you have quite enough of coral heads …. lol


Its amazing about the Mayan’s culture with those temples and pyramids and to think you ran up those steps when everybody was nearly falling down , well done Plukky

Hugh Jazz says:

10:37 Plukky!!! Layers on their bottoms….. even i could hear the voice in your head say (oh crap, what did i just say)

Robert Jenkins says:

good to see you two back on the water.

Gary Myers says:

tell the truth, when you were swimming in the cave, didja didja?

Mitch Guimond says:


Ham & Eggs says:


Robert says:

🙂 Great Video

Steve Crombie says:

She’s a good influence on you Peter. You would have grabbed the bike, depending on your mood at the time.

Gene Berry says:

Margarida, the stuff dreams are made of : )

Barry Stone says:

what’s up mates lucky fish told me if you tape the lines you’ll get more life out of them as well any comments on that you didn’t say what kind of tape I’ll have to ask him that he’s going to change his rigging over as well 2 dyneema sorry can’t do the hand thing LOL give me your thoughts on that mate Reef Runner out

first ape says:

Nice pool, fresh or salt water?

MrRJBooth says:

I think “Er Jerry” spoke for me also . Those steps were something else 🙂 Fanx guys

Gomer Pyle says:

Running up all those stairs, legs getting tired, and theirs Margarida waiting for you at the top! Lucky Plukky.

simon talbot says:

Started a bit rocky but got steadily better. Nice to see you guys back on the boat and your channel 🙂

timothy jones says:

No offence mate but your vlog is getting more generic. Not hating just constructive criticism.

William says:

Running up a pyramid. Swimming with one hand because you have a selfie stick in the other. All well and good, mate. But the best moment was when you reached out and gave Margarida your hand. That moment captures the real meaning of what you’re doing together. We always look forward to your episodes. Be well and safe.

Slow Boat Sailing says:

I like the double headsail rig

friarfox says:

Margarida saving you from misdemeanor bike borrowing charges. Mexican jail can be an expensive prospect so good thing she keeps you in line mate. Wifi speed seems to suck in your area. Sorry to hear that. Chin up and happy trails.

Bill Karoly says:

Too much shakey shakey. Gave me a headache. You need a gimbal or see if your cell phone has a different setting. My LG V30 takes some good smooth video.

robsycko says:

Loved her shoes looked like some Chuck Taylor Converse all stars

Calvin Smith says:

Tarantula. Some are poisonous, I think? Others make good pets.

Paolo Ceschia says:

You guys are great, enjoyed very much the video.

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