Chichén Itza Mayan Ruins Fail – DO YOUR RESEARCH, Tulum Yucatan Mexico

A trek to the mayan ruins of Chichén Itza failed, none of us saw that coming – But at least we had a funny story to tell. Join us as we travel yucatan mexico and make it steps away from one of the 7 wonders of the world and then learn the hard way to ALWAYS DO YOUR RESEARCH!! chichen itza!

Special thanks to Una Vida Tulum for hosting us

Una Vida Tulum


Filmed on location in Tulum, Playa Del Carmen, Cozumel various Cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula by:
Ben Czegeny, Justis Cooper, Kenzo Kiren, Parker Heuser, Joshua Laplap

Edit by Joshua Laplap


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Rostislav Dvoretsky says:

Wow guys) It was wonderful! Such a great location, very interesting to see ) I really enjoyed it, thanks for that) I will be wait for new video

High On Life says:

Have you ever drove into a new timezone and not realized it? We were really confused when this happened. Let us know if you have ever experienced something like that?

Saxon Sue says:

My husband and I were at The Lodge of Chichen Itza for 2 days late October last year. Great place, right next to the ruins. They have a private entrance to the ruins grounds. A waiter hooked us up the first night with 2 guides. We were skeptical at first of what they offered. We opted for the adventure eventually and ended going INSIDE the pyramid, taking photos of the jaguar throne and chuck mol. We then climbed the pyramid. It was awesome. Of course we paid to bribe the guards. The next morning we took the sunrise tour with the same guides. I flew my drone, another small bribe and used my GoPro the whole time. All went well and it was the highlight of our tour. We spend a week then in overated Tulum.

The Turks Boys says:

Great job Lappity LapLap!! this was sick, we definitely have to visit mexico!

belizeguy says:

Excellent video guys . Voiceover was cool Josh . All developed Archeological sites here in Mexico have the same restrictions. Permits are available but must be arranged in advance and, of course, they are not free . And No Drones ever ! Looking forward to more ! We prefer Uxmal, or even Dzibilchaltun closer to Merida. Much less commercial and no sales inside the ruins which is very distracting.

ScOutside - Travel Vlogs Coming Soon says:

I love how the speed of your edits coincides nicely with the pace of the scene you’re making, that’s some good filmmaking right there. And lesson learned right! But hey, it looks like you had a fabulous journey getting there with a chance to bond and have fun with some friends 😀


Glad I went many years back when you could still climb to the top of the main pyramid!

Gabriel Traveler says:

Great editing as usual. Just curious, why didn’t you guys go into Chichen Itza anyway with just your GoPros or simple point-and-shoot cameras to see it and get some footage? Or all you had with you was the pro gear?

C A says:


TheCoreTurbo says:

Shuda bribed em

p l Thakur says:

Beautiful place
Greetings from india

Karina Juarez says:

simplemente REGLAS y nada más. Nada grave…

Travel Thoughts says:

I made the first video of Travel Thoughts in Playa del Carmen in July 2017. You have much better gear than I had, though, but I did not go to Chichen Itza, but I did do the ruins at Tulum, which I’m surprised you didn’t do, as you were right by them and they are a very worthwhile visit. You can view my Living IN PLaya del Carmen video here if interested. Cheers, David

diyana lee says:

When to make a vlog in Indonesia again !?

Mick Does Stuff says:

Even though you couldn’t take your gear in you should still have gone in to experience the site.

chillbrutha82 says:

ME watching this video.
My little brother walks in at 1:41 and sees the hot chick.
MY BROTHER: Ay carrumba!

Abril Estuvo Aquí says:

Loved the video, the second cenote it’s not that secret but it is best to leave it low radar 😉

Tri-Epic Life -“With Erik Epic Olson” says:

That cenote was sick. Great video guys, crushing sweet humor intertwined as ever. Love it.

Happy Days Outdoors says:

Hate to say this… Was just there four days ago, the permit costs $3 US per person and is payable at the gate. Had to pay due to a gopro

chasing sun says:

Awesome video! Really enjoyed it can’t wait for the next! Keep them coming!

Corey baldwin says:

Awesome travels!! They look like tons of fun. Cant wait to see more

Cynthia Winsboro says:

Hey I went there all by myself lol to the ruins and the cenote. Everyone thought I was nuts traveling the World alone lol It’s the ultimate challenge though!

Susan Gosney says:

I definitely see 2019 as a new chapter for High on life, the video has a whole new vibe with a voice over. I noticed the lady with you… is she a new member of High on life? All in all this video makes you get excited for summer, i love the droan footage and you captured some beautiful scenery. Keep up the great work all of you.xx

C Mac says:

Did you go to the ruins on Tulum? One of the most beautiful places! We did Tulum, Chichen Iza and Coba. Tulum was by far my favorite!

Benjamin Czegeny says:

Time traveling to Chechen Itza was a hilarious mistake, thankfully the day wasn’t a bust and we got to see some amazing Cenotes!

Kaitybubbly says:

Are you guys going to revisit Chichen Itza the next day to check it out? Would be a shame if you missed out on it entirely.

Vlog with King says:

This video was awesome!

Paxxzr says:

Awesome Stuff as always!!

Brady Kirkpatrick says:

The “Secret Cenote” isn’t that secret. Most Chichen Itza Tours stop there. Bus loads of people are there daily. It’s just outside of Vollidolid and its called Suy Tun. Source: I live here.

Frankdizzle says:

Love ODESZA at 1:20. Can never go wrong with them

MilesAndHeights says:

What a shame guys. Could you hv gone in with a Go Pro or iPhone? Still takes good footage. On a separate note, really happy to see you guys. Keep going.

School Developers says:

And why, pray tell, did they make you leave Chichen Itza? Bad press for them! Good grief!

Saúl Uribe says:

You are the Best don quit this ever

Brad R says:

In INDIA they took my 4″ gopro tripod bc “no tripods” ….in Palenque, same thing AND I was told I needed to leave my camera in my “car” but…I was on a motorcycle…this happens all the time. I’ve found if I can find “a guide” that person can carry in all the things bc the locals often have a separate entrance and dont get searched….

Justin Ferraccioli says:

Oh boy this next video is making me nervous

_Jalvarrez_ Travel & Lifestyle says:

God I love these new vlogs. Vibes are amazing.

Shannon Sparks says:

Great video! Cenote Suytun is definitely not a secret though.

SinWithAGrin says:

Shame you couldn’t get into Chichen Itza, it is an amazing place to explore. I been to the ‘hidden’ cenote too… suytun cenote 😉

Byron Myers says:

Great job guys!

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