Live Tiny In The Mexican Jungle

Back in March I was invited to visit this lovely tiny house while visiting Tulum, Mexico. This little resides in the jungle and is completely isolated. As you’ll see in the video, there are windows literally everywhere. It was selected to be featured on the new tv show “Tiny Paradise” on HGTV, and deservingly so.

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ADEdsall says:

“We are part of the sustainable movement” … while our house is low-impact, you’ll leave a hell of a carbon footprint getting to our remote location.

“We believe in blending in” … so we have a white roof that sticks out in the sea of green.

SCJMO says:

It’d be 99.999% cooler if it was up in the mountains by itself..

Johnald Redham says:

You’re fucking crazy bitch.

Erika America says:


Belle Marfori says:

Beautiful but is it safe? Safety first.

Olive Hue says:

I want to live in the Mexican jungle…said no Juan ever.

Evonne77 says:

You lost me at jungle.

Emery.isokay says:

where was the kitchen and bathroom??

kimmyjeans2 says:

Intro was amazing but where is the rest of the video?

Taps fan says:

Hope you have lots of energy to keep the jungle from encroaching on your sustainable tiny house…

Eudora Evans says:

That was basically a photo of a house.

Phoenix Cherry says:

People worried about drugs cartel, but none is asking if this house will survive an hurricane.

Gail Lort says:

Mexico? I thought that was FLA, LOL. Actually Mexico has very beautiful places. Like the US there’s good and bad in everything.

Chanelle Ravello says:

I believe this home was featured in hgtv tiny paradise a show that shows you about building tiny houses incase anyone care to see an actual footage of the home instead of this creepy ass video

Nisha plantain says:

Oh my wen can i bring my clothes

Beth Miner says:

Doesn’t blend in well with the jungle and doesn’t seem safe

The Bus Stop says:

Nice house, but it looks totally out in place in that environment.

I love The USA says:

Oh no. Not in Mexico are you kidding

wood1155 says:

Sorry the drug cartels wouldn’t dare cut your head off once they find out that this home is part of the sustainable living movement. You’ll be just fine.

Esperanza Uribe says:

Mexico is beautiful , proud to be Mexican ❤

H. M. Riegel says:

Take a look here, there you will find more about this house:

Lucy Valles Orta says:

Beautiful. I know you posted for the architecture but I would have loved to have seen the kitchen and bathroom.

femaletrouble says:

[listens to introductory audio] Am I being inducted into a cult? Are we at a show at the planetarium? What is going on?!

Nancy Waressen says:

That’s it? Where’s the house tour?

Sergios says:

Hello! Friends, are there any companies producing similar houses in Italy? or in the nearest countries
thank you for your answers in advance!

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