EPIC Jungle Zip Lines & Cenotes – TULUM, MEXICO

In our Tulum vlog, we go deep into the Riviera Maya jungle for thrilling zip lines & secret cenotes.
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Until yesterday, we had never gone to any cenotes in Mexico. Today, we are taking a jungle adventure with Selva Maya for some rock climbing, rappelling, zip lines, snorkeling in cenotes, and our first outdoor cenote! The entire day was nothing short of a spectacular adrenalin rush.

We know tons of people look for a Cancun cenote and Playa del Carmen cenotes but these TULUM Mexico cenotes were just incredible! If you’re looking for things to do near Tulum, Playa del Carmen, OR Cancun we highly recommend Selva Maya Eco Adventures for a fun jungle experience most tourists don’t know about.

This was our last full day in Tulum, Mexico and we’re a little sad to head to Playa del Carmen and leave the cenotes in Tulum behind. Swimming in cenotes has been an experience like no other we’ve had in Mexico. And the fact that we got to go snorkeling in cenotes was just a cherry on top! Hope you enjoy today’s Tulum vlog. We are already making plans to come back to this Pueblo Magico again!!

If you want to experience this Tulum adventure for yourself, Selva Maya Eco Adventure Tour has your back: http://selvamaya.travel/

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remie angela :/ says:

Was it just me or the bridge that madie ran clapping look Soo scary.

Adan Enriquez says:

Great video guys.

Steer Wheel says:

Awesome. Who is the guy who is with you all the time ?

Vien Tran says:

cenote oasis maya is the best cenote I like down there that I know .

GeorgeFrehley says:

Are you going to meet Chichen Itzá and the massive holy cenote?

Julio Padilla says:

Go to merida.

Julio Padilla says:

Please visit hidalgo state in mexico it’s no touristy but it’s so beutiful.

Carla Mora says:

Went there a couple of years ago, and it is super fin!!

Adrian M says:

Thank you Tangerine Travels, for not only showing us your activities, but also revealing the details about the outfitter so that I can go there too. I am especially appreciative that you include the prices you paid so that I know what to expect. Nice job!

Tim Gonzalez says:

Keep up the great work!!! Are you guys staying in Tulum long? Where are you going next?

Debra Blundi says:

Amazing and beautiful! Looks like a lot of fun.

Taquito Gutiérrez says:

Pishis shishotas!!!

Zenjim237 says:

WOW, I would have done this 40 years ago, sadly I have bad COPD these days, so climbing is out.

Joseph .m says:

Wow, that was a nice jump to the water

caztiyo mireles7w7 says:

Hola podrían hablar sobre cómo la caravana migrante esta destruyendo México a su paso ,ya violaron una joven en Tabasco con problemas mentales y quemaron una oficina de migración

RSHoudini Salazar says:

Wow Sweet backflip dive Maddie you both rock thanks

justjcs soto says:

9:47 awesome cenotes.

Alberto Lopez says:

You guys are having so many fun adventures over there! I’m going to Playa del Carmen/Cancún for my Honeymoon in february and will be for sure rewatching your videos to discover cool places to visit

NightWaves says:

Still wondering if you are going to Progreso where the dinosaur ending asteroid hit. Looks like cruise ships and stuff dock at a pier there.

elizabeth stevens says:

I spent a week in tulum. It was very BEST vacation i EVER TOOK ANYWHERE!!

Diane Edwards says:

I live in Mexico full time I have duel citzenship. I think its great you are going all over but I disagree with people swiming with skin creams and going pottie in the drinking water of TULUM area. Please if you care so much you would have not SWAM IN IT YOU WOULD HAVE MADE A STATEMENT. this is so USA of people visiting please respect and care, have a great trip.

william carnley says:

wow, that place rocks. fun fun fun

Cliff P. says:

Dude congrats on overcoming that problem with heights.

Qvolepues says:

The cenotes are my favorite part, but the sink holes are cool too!!

Nonduality says:

Do viewers really like Premiere? I’m all for the hyping and branding of channels I subscribe to, that’s part of the fun of following a channel. But Premiere seems like a layer of hype that promises something vague and doesn’t deliver. What am I missing about the whole Premiere thing?

Pascal Fo says:

Enjoy quintana roo after wonderfull chiapas

Lisa Orduña says:

You should do XPlore, for actual zip lining! Their zip lines hang waaaaaay above the trees. Around 42 meters high! It’s a park between Cancun and Playa del Carmen. There’s also other parks from the same developers. There’s, Xcaret, XPlore, Xenses, Xochimilco and there’s gonna be a new one called Xavage. There quite expensive though, even for a local like me.

Cesar Arias says:

So happy you enjoyed Tulum. The zip lines are truly awesome! Keep up the great adventures.

mario urrutia says:

Nice video you guys

Fernando Martinez says:

I knew you wouldnt let us down 😉

Carl Stout says:

glad you all having fun

My favorite stuff says:

Go to Cooper Canyon in Chihuahua.

Joe Serrano says:

Wow, the zip lines, the rappelling, the clambering up, spider man fashion on that brick wall, CONGRATULATIONS my dear Maddie, you did that wall as if you were Spider Man’s li’l sis! And the Cenote part, that backflip you did was SUPER AWESOME, also glad to see Jordan was feeling better, also taking the plunge and zipping through the jungle! ;D

Vien Tran says:

Rain is beautiful , every time I am down there I wish for some rain but I didn’t get much .

Debbie Edelmann says:

super cool ! what video equipment do you use for ziplining and for snorkeling?? Im a low tech old lady…

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