Smuggling, diving and death: the Mexican rush for sea cucumbers

In China the sea cucumber is seen an exotic delicacy containing medicinal and even aphrodisiacal properties. A growing middle class is fuelling demand for this luxury food and the search is on for new fishing grounds. That’s brought the trade to the Yucatan coast in South East Mexico where it has sparked a maritime gold rush. The government has tried to put limits on sea cucumber fishing but that has only led to a large scale black market springing up, supplied by fishermen willing to put their lives and liberty at risk for the money on offer. Americas Now collaborating correspondent John Holman went to Yucatan to investigate, gaining rare access to clandestine fishermen and their world.


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Cirilo Selva says:

great work.

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John Loveday says:

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Pops150 says:

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Vicki Luker Bennett says:

This is really interesting to me. My daughter is in a neighboring village doing her PhD research (from the Duke Marine Lab) and has been describing the sea cucumber season over these past months via short text messages and emails. This illustrates exactly what she describes. Thank you.

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