Sewer diving as a dream job in Mexico – vpro Metropolis

In a regular sewer people leave their ‘normal business’, but in Mexico City not so much. Sometimes things like refrigerators, cars and ever dead cows are dumped in the sewer there, which makes the sewer clogged. Fortunately Don Julio is there to save the city from its own poo, as he is the city’s one and only sewer diver. ‘People think I’m crazy, but I love my job. It’s so nice, that filthy water.’

vpro Metropolis was a video project by Dutch broadcast organisation vpro, that ran from 2008 to 2015. Metropolis is made by a global collective of young filmmakers and TV producers, reporting on remarkable stories from their own country/city. We made a trip around the globe on one single issue: from local beauty ideals to Elvis impersonators, to what’s it like being gay, or an outcast or a dog in different cultures.

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Pablo Aguirre says:

don julio muy buen negosio yo ago lo mismo tambien trabajo en lo mismo solo ke ahora uso mi ekipo con camaras

iAmNathan __ says:

He looks like the purifier from black ops 3

Gamebreaker08 says:

There is water in hell, but if you drink it you pee blood for 7 hours.

henryboy arizona says:

Una Vaca??????    O-o   aaay   No  mames!!!!!!

OgrabliatorKorovanov says:

indians do that kind of job without any diving sutes…

rhaul xo says:

0:26 guy in background

TheBakedDonut20 says:

Gross that lady was sniffing her twat scummed fingers. Nasty bitch…

xeronicus says:

the look of the guy grabbing the cage when it was being put on the ground is priceless

hahagotcha!!!! says:

hey Mexico, thanks for sending a tsunami worth of shit directly into the ocean in Tijuana…. really classy way to protest Trump’s wall statements…. PS keep your drugs/shit/criminals out of the states, push that line hard enough and you may bite off more than you can chew.

Fernando Fernandez says:


Tenkey Jeam says:

why not use ROV

rick clendenin says:

why do humans exist? what good are you? a disease. a great culling is required.

Creativity≠Boundaries says:

The way she presented this story was too funny.

Donnie Kane says:

These folks must have an immune system like a fucking buzzard!

Nicole DiMayo says:

I hope Donald trump watches this!

TheAceSpaceman says:

Reportaje genial, solo que la chica es más que molesta…no es graciosa y parece que ni siquiera pudo aprenderse un guión.

Aaron Rodriguez says:

Don Julio should become the Mexican Mike Rowe

espartacos1 says:

Viva México cabrones

Abood 94 says:

Mexican accent makes my dick go hard every time seriously xD

Teknik Group says:

Sewage problems dont fix themselves.
For all your sewage pump problems in Sydney Australia
contact me…..the best in town!

Edgar Medrano says:

ni a de tener novia el canron jajajajajja “para que la preocupo” jajaja

Roobik B says:

7:10 the guy touching it without gloves…he must be stupid.

Joey S says:

Man I hope they don’t take away the hazardous duty pay poor guy

Darkmeerkat 1 says:

doesn’t smell any different than the rest of Mexico

Takito 96 says:

3:22 that’s batman’s song right?

Robert Gil says:

they can her the shit to

ThoughtsBecomeThings says:

People that are into scat should get this job ASAP

USER67 says:

Disgusting but awesome!

Maly Pivo says:

cow shit -ok
horse shit – ok
human shit – nope

Captain smokey says:

i don’t think i could do this for any amount of money.

Moritz Magnoli says:

10:03 scrached his mouth with his contaminated gloves, im going ill only by watshing him

JWitt30 says:

I can’t believe that dude isn’t wearing any f’n gloves! I wish they would have shown the cleaning off process after he comes out… I can only imagine how shoddy that is

Decs says:

Reminds me of the canal in Half Life 2

BTown830 says:

Stupid mexicans don’t respect where they live. Throwing garbage and dead animals in the sewer. That’s why when they move into a neighborhood, it immediately looks like shit. No reason for this guy to do this. They make submersible cameras, and other test equipment. Fucking third world over there.

Curious Cat 77 says:

Que falta de profesionalismo de esta reportera notese el tonito burlon de ella desde el principio del reportaje, en vez de estar agradecida que alguien hace el trabajo sucio se le olvida mas bien que tambien su CACA es parte de los desperidicios.

KFC Demoledor says:

Yeah of course since a FUCKING CAR fits in my toilets

Adolf Hoffmann says:

I would do that everyday!!

Sofa King says:

I think I seen some corn floating

Rick Sanchez says:

Oh shit…

Aaron Chavez says:

Mexican do all the jobs whites people don’t want to do all cause of us half of you ungrateful trump supporters wouldn’t be here if us Mexicans weren’t here to pick youre fruit and even clean you’re own sewers

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