Scuba Diving without certification. Getting certified, Diving in Mexico

If you want to learn scuba diving but you are uncertain watch this video. Scuba Diving on vacation without certification. Getting certified, Diving in Mexico. Farm Girl and Exoman have always wanted to scuba dive and they have finally done it! They booked an excursion for scuba diving through their hotel at Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park in Cozumel. They also offer snorkeling excursions, jeep tours and other activities.

Are you traveling in the Mexican Riviera? Be sure to book your diving and snorkeling excursions at a good hotel. Never book at the kiosks in Playa del Carmen. If you get ripped off buying from a rip-off company and you get on the ferry over to cozumel, you may find that your excursion tickets are worthless and your day could be ruined. Always work with good hotel representatives of reputable tour companies so you have recourse if there are any issues.Travel smart, don’t be a hapless tourist.

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Devildoc2005 says:

How often do u guys go on this walk?

David Kereliuk says:

Hi great channel happy new year from Canada

victor sternenthaler says:

I Love her crop top ! Dress her very good and sexy !

Andy Appleton says:

My God that pink bikini. Farm girl even makes scuba gear look hot

One Eyed Jack says:

That was a movie, called open water. Where they got left behind.

PapaWheelie says:

They were probably more worried about the lost gear than the lost people. In Mexico I would suggest paying half before and half after to help insure your safe return.

TouchScreenGod 2016 says:

I was expecting a visual tutorial about scuba diving not a 15 minute walk in the woods talking about it.

Art Bormann says:

Oh My Goodness…That Smile…Oh Yes & The Diving Info Also….Thanks

Mark Carter says:

Exoman It is better to get certified here in the States, Then you can dive any where and its a lot cheaper!!!

Dhaif Shamrani says:

Very nice guys

Mike Wareham says:

Hats off to you sweetheart. Diving is so much fun. People don’t know the risks, so training is so important. Getting out of trouble safely in one of the most important areas you must know. Looking gorgeous sweetheart lol Mike XXXX

So555sn Kmil says:


joel collins says:

I am dizzy from walking in circles… LOL… Enjoyed the Video..

Eden santos da silva Edinho says:

Corpo Perfeito.

Del Brett says:

Is studying the theory at home an online class, where do you find it? I am a good swimmer but back in college I took scuba diving but was never certified and panic happened even in a swimming pool. Didn’t like it when they put your tank down at the deep end and you had to swim down and clear the mask underwater and put the tank on. Did you have to do that in your class in the pool?

James Logan says:

They guys love your channel. Great tips on your scuba diving trip. I’m a certified dive master and I plan trip to Cozumel with my small group of dive buddies. Next year our trip will be sometime in April. Would love to have guys join us. If interested please let me know. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a better New Year.

michael williams says:

Good info, always wanted to dive. HAPPY New Year guys

Jim Winsor says:

Yah got a love Jen she’ll do anything well done Farm Girl well done!

Syd Goat Music says:

The scuba diver photo reminds me of Rhiannas umbrella video, like back-ground hidden dark agents behind a sweet lie

Robert Swinson says:

I did my classroom and pool work at home in NC and then did a “referral” with a dive store in Florida for my checkout dives. (twenty five years ago). Develop a relationship with a good local dive shop so you can stay up to date, rent gear, arrange trips to dive locations, etc…

Or do what I did and sell out and ,one to a dive location.

Michele Lustrissimini says:

bellissimo video

little pigs says:

Love watching you both!! Your a very lucky couple!!! Have a happy New year!!! America!! Lots of wishes from Small Town Kansas

Wildhorse JimMiller says:

I am a PADI certified dive master. I don’t live near the ocean so I don’t get to dive as much as I like.  I always review my books and videos before I go diving if its been awhile.  Be very careful of resort certifications.  They typically teach just enough for you to get into trouble.  Diving can be dangerous and deadly and Mexican resorts don’t care if you die!  Please be careful.  The cost of a certified diving school is not that much especially when considering the ramifications for shady instruction at a resort

Tony Testosteroni says:

Exoman: I love that hat, where can I get it?

Todd Galbreath says:

You can’t get certified in a day, not one certifying agency permits this. Standards require that at least 4 dives be conducted over two days with no more than 3 dives conducted in a single day. NAUI TDI and SDI instructor for 10 years.

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