Scuba Diving without certification. Getting certified, Diving in Mexico

Scuba Diving without certification. Getting certified, Diving in Mexico. Farm Girl and Exoman have always wanted to scuba dive and they have finally done it! They booked and excursion for scuba diving at Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park in Cozumel. They also offer snorkeling excursions, jeep tours and other activities.

Are you traveling in the Mexican Riviera? Be sure to book your diving and snorkeling excursions at a good hotel. Never book at the kiosks in Playa del Carmen. If you get ripped off buying from a rip-off company and you get on the ferry over to cozumel, you may find that your excursion tickets are worthless and your day could be ruined. Always work with good hotel representatives of reputable tour companies so you have recourse if there are any issues.Travel smart, don’t be a hapless tourist.

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Cody K says:

You two need to sit down and tell us your story. The videos are great and I hope to be in the same position when I retire from the military.

woheath663 says:

you sound like you had a great time… that is the most important thing… love you

Duane Albers says:

If you can find a shop near you it would be better to get certified there. The requirements are much stricter in the US. You can usually do your open water certification dives in a local lake. Then when you get to Mexico you are ready to go.. and feel safer. Good luck.

m Day says:

I am a Master Diver and I have been all over Palancar Reef on Cozumel Island. I have spent many days under water in Cozumel waters. I was certified as a deep diver there as well. Four of us did a [Navy Seal] full gear on, feet first dive entry off the City Pier for fun. That was about 10 feet down to the water.

IF you want to be divers, get PADI certified. They are the best.
NEVER EVER get certified through a resort unless the instructor is a PADI Instructor.
There are more diving accidents from resort certifications than any other place. If you want a real certification, get your time diving in a pool and then go out and do your open water certification and get hours under water before you do your Advanced open water. Play it safe.
Always wear some type of skins and wear very long fins.
But that is just my advice. Some others may say I am full of it. LOL


We regard to the mask not being airtight due to mustache…. You can shave a small section between the nose and stache. That works pretty good and is likely the best option for most guys.

Lazon Williams says:

They offered you the Vaseline from kill bill

Backwoods Raised says:

I would love to learn to dive and get certified.

Jimmy Berry says:

You did whats called a resort dive. I was certified back in 82, (open water) Loved diving in Cozumel. Beautiful place!
Get PADI certified.

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