Scuba diving in Cancun, Mexico, June 2013


Hector Ruiz says:

How much is it for beginners that are not certified & is it near the hotel zone? Thanks.

Marbear 1154 says:

Last week I went diving off Aukumal Bay, it was my first time. I reccomend all ppl try diving. There’s so many turtles, but they don’t notice you!! Aukumal means ” turtle bay ” anyways

KlixTrio says:

People are stupid going to places like this. You obviously dont realize the dangers of scuba diving.

Andrey Sherstov says:


Pokemon Ranger says:

I’m going there in a few mounths

GB X says:

Unbelivable that horribal underwaterhippo. A diver never step on the ground… thats like snorkeling with a airtank.

flexmode17 says:

I’m going to Cancun this Saturday and very excited for my scuba tour.  Your video got me even more pumped!
Thanks for sharing!

By the way, what camera setup were you using?

Humberto Leon says:

Bonito video

zluebstorf says:

I am going here later this summer it looks amazing

richard luxmoore says:

I so want to do this !

thetruthsgonnahurt says:

interesting, bringing a video camera with you when you really dont know how to dive…only in mexico, lucky for you and the dive instructors no issue’s arose. My advise… learn how to dive first than bring your camera

Amy Benham says:

What kind of camera did you use? Nice footage! 🙂

Alonzo Oliva says:

Lol at 6:42

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