Scuba Diving at Night, Deep inside Mexico (Drenched Ep. 48)

We take you deep into the Mexican Caribbean waters to bring you some of the most unbelievable underwater encounters we’ve ever experienced!

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Cameras we use:
Aerials: DJI Mavic
On Land: Sony A7iii, Sony AX-53, DJI Osmo,
Underwater: Sony RX-100 in Nauticam Housing
Underwater Lighting: Keldan 8x Video Lights, Sola 2500 Video Light

Music Credits:
Tuyo (KARLK Rework) by Rodrigo Amarante

Siempre Me Quedara (Cocaine) – Bebe (Daniela Guerra ft. Isabella Morelli Acoustic Cover)

Wash Out By Broke For Free

Come Close by Handbook

For Que Te Vas by Kali Uchis

Los Tres Cerros by Los Sueños

Ecstasy (Pay The Price) by Flamingosis


Don Franky says:

amazing video and amazing news to see u wth SV Delos. I bei shure we gonna see on booth channels nice videos. greetings from mallorca

Michael Kerr says:

Awesome underwater photography.

Prankishsquire says:

Stunning work, kids. I’m so proud of you!

mdwightj says:

Found you guys thru Rick’s Ambient Real Life channel… love your underwater filming, second to none… Looking foreword to your contribution to my favorite youtube channel, SV DELOS… I’m subsribed to your channel, ricks channel and delos.

Vitomir Maricic says:

freediving stuff are awsome. Cool.

Robin Rouwen says:

Wow, absolutely astonishing underwater filming. I am lost for Words. You guys are So much fun to watch, you always brighten up my day Jordan. You excitement is contagious. Love you guys. Please keep posting you guys are the best underwater filmers by far!

Doug Marder says:

What time of year was your trip? I dove around Cozumel a couple of times with Tom Hartegens’ Dive Paradise team, but I cannot recall the water being quite that clear. You guys really scored!

SV methos sailing and gaming says:

Loved the video.

Richard Shipp says:

Watching you and Delos collab will be stellar

Charles Moore says:

Again, very nice macros & the best I have seen. What a great team meeting up with another best of the best.

Peter Austin says:

LOve the camera work. awesome film

EkBalam707 says:

Proud to be Mexicano.

James Bockenstette says:

The underwater video is the best I have seen. Thank you for posting.

Brandon Bentley says:

Great times thanks for sharing!

craig me says:

I love it when channels come together.

And omg Delos, are you kidding me!!!

Havent i seen you on Delos before?

Pantelis Christidis says:

the dolphin told me

mobiltec says:


Robin Rouwen says:

Wow, absolutely astonishing underwater filming. I am lost for Words. You guys are So much fun to watch, you always brighten up my day Jordan. You excitement is contagious. Love you guys. Please keep posting you guys are the best underwater filmers by far!

Randy Primmer says:

Loved it the first time and even more the the second time. Amazing.

b hill says:

Another awesome video! Cozumel is amazing diving with so many different dive sites. Quick question, why did you fly into Cancun? Cozumel isn’t much more expensive and such a major time saver over the buses and ferry. Can’t wait to see you guys on Delos; you are going to fit in perfectly 🙂

T.J. Mills says:

I put in about 100 or so dives there. Love Coz diving. Wish I would have known you were going. I would have sent you to a couple special places.

Jay Slovin says:

So stoked that your joining back up with SV DELOS…”I like it..I like it a lot”

Richard Chasse says:

A most fabulous vlog you guys !!!!!!!!! Amazin g underwater creatures that you captured so well !! Looking forward to the S/V Delos adventure.

Grant Ardern says:

Soooo cool…

radeaver says:

Such an awesome island as well as all of the Yucatán Peninsula. Coz and it’s people as well as the diving is wonderful. Looking forward to the other videos. Love the Splendid Toadfish….

tslazoo says:

Ahhhhh, my dose of macro critters. Cheers guys, looking forward to your time on Delos.

Chris Phinney says:

your on my bucket list destination

Dave Lambrick says:

Your vids really are on another level .

David Price says:

Great nighttime underwater video.

Tony Ofarrell says:

Were they illegal?

Guywithcrazyideas says:

8:15 so cute

James Bockenstette says:


Chris Phinney says:

you are better than national geographic!

Cptn Uwe's Pirate Tales says:

great shots

Richard Getz says:


Captin7Seas says:

Very kewl macro shots in this one – look forward to y’all getting back with Delos with some epic dives I am sure!

Nick Vincent says:

Watched a BBC wildlife programme last week in which they misidentified two species of Shark. I hope you don’t mind but I contacted the commissioning editor and suggested that they watch your underwater photography, it s beyond stunning. Probably nothing will come of it but you never know.

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