Neymar Diving ( Brazil vs Mexico ) 2018

Best actor in football is……


Joseph E says:

Am I the only one seeing the other player dig his cleat into his ankle while picking up the ball?

Celia Mb says:

What a baby bet his dick is 2 inches

Putri Budi Agustina says:

The music make it better

a person says:

Dunno if I should laugh or not

Aysn 22 says:

RIP 1327 AD – 2018

Vlogger Arsjaad Poese says:

Neymar, is the same as Neej, Maar in Dutch… Which means… No but…. Or like we in the Netherlands says… Nobutt.


soccer is a pussy ass sport lol

dahDougieBoy says:

Neymar, what a f****** disgrace to football. Everybody is celebrating Brazil’s exit.

Vlogger Arsjaad Poese says:

Neymar just want to win, and he knows he doesn’t get a red card for overacting, so why not exploit this pattern. I mean he hates losing from Hedgefund Managers who exploit 1000 patterns, by cheating… Earn 100 Million a year.

Good Vibes7 says:

what neymar did just proved that the mexican fans r waay more pathetic than his acting, sore losers tryina grab into any kind of excuse..mexico cant even qualify to quarters and thats like fron decades,a long time ago!! neymar acted or not it doesnt matter at the end cause mexico is a shit team and didnt produce any quality during theur match against brazil and they want to qualify??????!!! wheres the logic LMAO!! nice try tho frim their coach tried to fool the media and mexican ppl by putting blame in neymar and talking abt him to distract ppl from abusing him for his shit tactics and coaching…losing 3-0 to sweden and then to brazil and he talks abt neymar lol ok…

the hanger baju says:

Im crying

Johnny Irenchi says:

Tragic very Tragic I mean their acting ability.

Soviet Yuri says:

Cok ngakak wkwkwk

robert parker says:

When a player fakes an injury he should be made to sit on the bench for five minutes; that should take care of the diving. I’v watched the ladies play and they act better than a lot of the men in this cup. Diving, it’s ruins the game.

Boripat Wannasri says:

Neymar the great actor !

gyxter says:

It would urge me to give him real

akmal raif88 says:

Fck acting.. hahahaha

I have no idea says:

Nggir ra minggir tabrak :v

Cymba line says:

He should have seen the yellow red card after the second dive in the penalty area of the belgians. Does he really need that unsporting diving to win a match???

Eman says:

Soccer players where chin guards. Such
A Winnie. Cry baby.

Egger G. says:

Neymar’s es un CULITO GRANDE!!! A player of his caliber should not resort to such low actions like this. That’s why I’m not such a big fan of futbol. Glad they’re out!!


need that song ……

photomorti says:

this shouldnt even be allowed imo

Lover_ Foxx says:


Jazzy Cmartz says:

Sangat amat kasihan sekali.

Chris T says:

This is SAD. Some people would say “it is just a sport” but it is much bigger than that, there are people that pay a lot of money to travel and watch these events all over, Especially kids watching their country and idols playing. When is this corrupt bullshit going to end in football ? Not just football I speak for every sport. There are referrees that call the most absurd plays. Especially the corruption that exists in boxing, The most unfair fights get called and it is so sad to watch. When is this going to end? You have fans from all over the world paying money to watch these guys play and have these refs completely shit on everyone. Most stupid acts like these from Neymar get called in favor of Neymar, If I was on the opposing team getting bullshit calls like that I would just leave the field. Why don’t they just leave the field ? You will never beat an unfair corrupt referee, NEVER. Just leave the field.

Khoa Dang says:

He’s moving by his ass not by his leg

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