This scuba dive, wow. Cenote Angelita in Tulum, Mexico was amazing. First off, it’s a deep one at 34m (100ft). Secondly, there is a 10 foot thick layer of Hydrogen Sulfide at 30m you are able to pass through. Hydrogen Sulfide is poisonous, and heavily smells of rotten eggs. (I couldn’t show you that part in the video). Once through, it turns into a night dive, and you need to use your torches. You only have a few minutes beyond the layer before you have to start ascending again. It’s a murky landscape, with petrified trees sticking out of the cloud. Mayans believed that cenotoes were the gateway to the underworld, and yeah, after visiting this one in particular, I can see why.

This was probably one of the most advanced dives I’ve done. It’s not technically difficult, but it is a mental challenge. It’s not uncommon for divers to panic a little bit and have difficulty passing the layer. Like always in diving, keeping a calm mind is the most important thing. Anyone can do this dive, it’s just remembering to breathe, and realizing you’ll be fine.

There are a lot of cenote cave dives scattered all through Riviera Maya, Quintanaroo and Yucatan. I was lucky do quite a few during my travels here. I thought that I wanted to get my Cave Diving cerification, but realized that “Cavern” diving (when you can still see ambient light) is all I really wanted. You just need to have an advanced cert.

It was the most exhilarating dive I’ve done yet, I’m not sure if there is anything else like it on the planet. Go in and get wet.


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Make sure to check out infinity2diving ( It’s an awesome diveshop in Tulum. They helped me out big time getting this footage. Stop in to their shop if you’re ever there!


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Hey Mike. Love the footage you’re posting lately with your new Sony A7s. I’ve been torn between the A7ii and the A7s. Do you think the lowlight capabilities of the A7s make for a better underwater camera? Thanks mate.

Maarten huizenga says:

WoW just wow

Ruthie.D says:

You should have way more subscribers,this was brilliant!! Thanks for the experience

Laurent Laborde says:

i wouldn’t dive in that stuff without a geiger counter 😮

Saisha Srivastava says:

Haha diving in poison is a bit of a strong title, but great video! Did you use a regular GoPro here?

Lemon Lauren says:

How do you know it was poison?

Ty Mini Nurse says:

Didn’t think you could look more adorable….wow

Mari Johnson says:

Amazing video. It actually freaked me out a bit haha

ankit rathore says:

+Mike Corey you should make a entire series for your underwater adventure

Belnick6666 says:

why is the no pics of what is under the hydrogen sulfide
all dives or pics stop at the cloud

Bj Quirante says:

I love your videos! I aspire to be as good as you guys! Anybody wanna visit my channel and give me tips on my videos? I’m just starting out.

Nicholas Hosken says:

Angelita is an absolutely amazing dive site. Definitely one of the “must see” cenotes as you feel as if you are diving in an 80’s horror flick. If you are interested in diving a cenote yourself you can check out the Cthulhu Divers website. It has all the info you need to help you choose the best site for you –

MicBergsma says:

wow really creepy!

Anthony Kago says:

looks cool. I bet it’s pretty amazing. too deep for me tho.

David Gio says:

tulum quintanarro

camcam says:

meh you can’t see anything

Bucket List Adventures krs says:


Adrian RH says:

Seriously best videos! Great editing

nick raffone says:

Cenotes are amazing! Just got back from Mexico and took a tour of a few of them.

REEF HQ says:

Its already stated in amazing the quran is.

munchymunster says:

Wicked…. first thing I imagine was some sort of alligator or animal swimming near you. This is definitely creepy. Thanks for sharing.

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