Group Cliff Dive into the Ik Kil Cenote

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Party Dive! The best cliff divers in the world celebrate an end to the 2014 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in style, with a massive group dive into Ik Kil Cenote in Yucatán, Mexico.

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randomvideos9316 says:


Noah says:

Why is no one there fit. Should it not be easier if they had a little muscle?

Dom Blond says:

Where is that? What country? Wanna go there soo bad

no why says:


TONY FOX says:

Waw it dangerous

Mikel Irure says:


Theo Decoodt says:

Trop bien impressionnant

Osama Abd says:


ProDacman says:


Ab Khan says:


Dustin West says:

I went to Mexico in august so 4-5 months ago and I remember jumping off this place it was so dope (not what the people in the video are jumping off of)

tatu moreira says:


Pascal B says:

far cry 3

youlooklikeawasteman says:

Is it just me, or was that shite

Hernandez Rock&Metal says:

Esto Es Mexico!!!!!!!!!!

dee jay says:

1:08 girl?

John Williams says:

,that’s was not even close to “at the same time”

Syonide Fears says:

“Um guys how are we getting back up?”

calibomber209 says:

Cool I just went there! My jump was not as epic. Cool vid

Sathiesh Kumar says:


Priyanka Devi says:


Scar spirit says:

How was it formed?

Hansen Xiao says:

Assassin’s Creed exams

Niko says:

What is with the music?
It’s like the end of the world war 3 or something..

Alix Lancaster says:

Awsome dude

JPxKillz says:

For some reason I thought there would be parachutes.

hellwroughtangel says:

it’s raining men…sorry i had to. :p

Ryan Paquette says:


kamiloo2 says:

WoW ! Beautifull place.

Sarah Boeke says:

awesome video!

sskkuuddrraa says:

too many junks

BariumCobaltNitrog3n says:

Is good time to be alive!

Kaushal Pandya says:

That was awesome!!!
I’m looking forward to MORE!!!

Torrey B says:

Damn..I thought the Canadian National Anthem was playing at first…

Alcuadrado says:

So beautiful. I love Orlando Duque <3
By the way, if you want to see Spanish parkour you can see my latest video ^^

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