Extreme Cave Divers : Documentary on Cave Diving and Lost Underwater Worlds (Full Documentary)

Extreme Cave Divers : Documentary on Cave Diving and Lost Underwater Worlds (Full Documentary).

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IsraelsRealm says:

And here I am.. Getting my openwater cert >.>

Lifeiseternal says:

It is sooo dangerous and sooo extreme, with very little reward, that this activity is very foolish to even consider trying, especially if you have loved ones, such as children.

BestTrumpetPlayer.com says:

Diving is my Passion but I would never go cave diving because I’m just too afraid. I do agree with the ending. It’s my church. When I come up from a dive, all the pressures, all the challenges, conflicts and difficulties in my life are gone. I’m completely cleansed and reborn. I think anyone who doesn’t have a passion like this for something is dead inside.

Deanna Chavez Medina says:

Amazing !

Megan Lynn says:

No your wrong it is not in my nature to push in places i don’t know about lol fuck that. So that whole it’s human nature to push in places we don’t know about yeaahh not in my nature.

Sweegy Swag says:

How does one crown themselves a top diver? How many times you go without dying?

Julius Caesar says:

Fascinating how Stedman can identify all Those species from bones which to me just look like straight lines. I don’t understand how he can indenting new species form those samples, but pretty wild and cool.

inn0s says:

horrible audio

Feathers says:

The natives thought of caves as the place men came from and where men have to go back when they die. I don’t think it’s okay to move the bones, it’s literally like perturbing a cementery. I know it’s been done before around the world but aren’t we supposed to stop doing it? They were humans and they are supposed to be resting in peace, right? Am I reaching?

dj bunray says:

dust lol okay

Mac Hawkins says:

They should do the Mount Everest of cave diving in Florida

Kenny Lauderdale says:

No Black Cave Divers?

Arron Frilom says:

Who has the nerve to do this kind of diving? Certainly not me.


really should bury the human remains this is disgusting disturbing them and then putting them in a box. shame on them. these were human beings.

L H says:

If you’re finding body parts….why?

Ethan says:

My left ear enjoyed this alot more then my right ear did

Seaala Pou says:

They said put a bag on your head and all light off in your house and try find your way out are they saying yes to Suicide

Kungfoo Joey says:

Diving is like a light man straight in front of you as bright as a light can be bright, its like being reborn man. Pass the joint dude.

Squid squoop says:

A “bohemian Boa Constrictor”…. please forgive my lack of belief that they put a picture of a ball python up right there. Whatever editing team did this has a hilariously low standard of relevance.

Daniel Mähring says:

i think i could actually enjoy this if it was in bigger caves

Opethfan79 says:

I am not scared of many sports. But you would have to pay me an unreasonable amount of money to do this. Just watching this video had my heart racing at some points. I think I have a great fear of drowning even though I can swim decent. I will go diving in the ocean in a lake or whatever but I would say hell no to these caves.

Ben R says:

That “boa constrictor” is a modern day ball python morph. lol I’d think they’d have tried to make a “what it looked like” picture.

john rezendes says:

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” GENESIS 1:1 KJV

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