Diving Mexico’s Cenotes | JONATHAN BIRD’S BLUE WORLD

Deep underneath Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, underground rivers wind their way to the sea. In some places, the forest floor has fallen in, leaving holes in the ground to access these mysterious underwater caves. The holes, called cenotes, were considered openings to the underworld by the ancient Mayans. Jonathan teams up with an expert cave diver to explore these spooky underground rivers.

This is an HD re-release of a season 2 segment originally created in 2009.

JONATHAN BIRD’S BLUE WORLD is an Emmy Award-winning underwater science/adventure program.

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Kian Hoppe says:

Jonathan if you are reading this well I really enjoy the content and you have inspired me to go scuba diving, but I don’t know how and where to get certified. So if you could help me please. 🙂

Luke says:

your channel should have more subs

Rimona Richu says:

Love the video

ViVi Joestar says:

Never is there a moment where I’m not in awe watching these videos. It’s just the type of thing to help me get out of a blue mood. *(IRONY PUN)*

paul jokoty says:

I’m trying to get a diving license so I can explore more. right now I can only stay under for seconds before I need to get some more air but those few seconds are amazing

Tanks AndUpdates says:

You and brave wilderness should really meet up

Misty York says:

I’m a big fan I want to dive with you really bad

MEE P says:

Is this the full video?

Prod L says:

Hey Jonathan! Just wanted to let you know that me and everyone else here loves and appreciates the videos!

Enter1Dexter says:

I really like cave videos, because you can never expect what’s inside it

picsordidnthappen says:

BlueWorldTV Thanks for making my life a little better with every episode. Keep up the great work!


you should come

Mr. Epic Man says:

3 dislikes? I am heartbroken….

Spoliate says:

This should be a TV show. I only just discovered your channel but I have been watching your videos for 8 hours straight. Keep up the good work man!

OzzYy Thomasson says:


Gregory McGrath says:

I subscribed to your channel now you should subscribe to mine

MichaelTechGaming says:

Hello Jonathan in a few months im going to egypt for 14 days ! scuba diving!
do you have any tips?
im pretty scared… mostly if i run into a shark… do you have any tips for a new scuba diver?

Kian Hoppe says:

What regulator is that because it seems that the water is coming out beside your head (Jonathan) instead of in front of you as you stated in scuba tools of the trade you liked the double housed regulator because the water came out behind you? And if you do take the time to read this and reply to thank you.

Scuba diving 041 says:

I love your vids Johnathon your my inspiration

Rimona Richu says:

We are here notifications squad whoop hoo

fish nuggets says:

Can you make our intro music into a ringtone PLEASE I need it!

Neal Irvin Rosario says:

your #1 Fan here in PH x)

Mark Said says:

Absolutely mesmerizing! A corner of heaven on earth. Excellent work.
Thanks for the marvellous video, Jonathan and Team.

Marnix van den Berg says:

How many dives have you done?

Josh Vines says:

I wish you guys did a Virtual Reality 360° video, so we get to experience the wonders as you do. Get that 360° camera!

dan dan says:

What I if told you

You read that wrong

Richard Currin says:

You could teach a biology or earth science class based on Blue World videos! Excellent

Horhe Vamp says:

How deep is it there?

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