CROCODILE NIGHT SCUBA DIVING | Crazy things to do in Tulum, Mexico

Scuba diving in Mexico is an endless adventure. In this Tulum travel vlog I join my from Jordan from Drenched, and Sarah from Girls that Scuba, and night dive a cenote in search for crocodiles. Definitely one of the craziest things to do in Tulum, Quintana Roo!

If you are scuba diving in Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Cozumel or anywhere else in Rivera Maya, you’ll be surprised by the diversity you can find on this coast. The reef diving is quite nice, especially in Cozumel, but in my opinion, the highlight is the many cenotes the dot the Yucatan Peninsula.

The freshwater sink holes have long been rumoured by the Mayan people to be the gateway to the Underworld. I’m not sure if that’s true, but I know they are the gateway to phenomenal diving. KOOX diving offers an interesting tour if you’re not faint of heart. Night scuba diving with crocodiles. How’s that for wild things to do in Tulum!

The trick is that crocodiles, and other animals that can see at night, have reflective eyes. If you shine a flashlight in the dark, they reflect back some of that light towards you. This allows you to spot them immediately, where as in the day, they would remain heavily camouflaged. Hope you enjoy this travel vlog of scuba diving in Mexico!

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Steven Baladad says:

fearless indeed man.

marco intong says:

Nooo, your at Mexico ? I thought you were enjoying the islands of the Philippines (which is my home) I’m so sad…but still stay safe

x a says:

Omg …. que diablos me dio miedo y más con la música de fondo :v

geraldine batingal says:


DeepScubaDiver says:

Nice! I remember seeing one of those crocs at the carwash cenote. Still my all time favorite is El pit, nothing can top that in my opinion.

Jay Zilla says:

Mike, you always share the most wonderful content! You even inspired me to start looking into Sacred Geometry, now I’m half way into a tattoo sleeve! 😉 Keep bringing the amazing content!!

YungLee says:

Have anyone been to this water theme park in Bali? Waterbom

Majhal Grace Ramos says:

Woooow!so fearless.amazing mike, be careful in every dangerous adventure.It’s not always your day.God bless you mike and your entire family. “experience over possession”
Merry Christmas…

Keith Hogg says:


mike nelson says:


goncalo rodrigues says:

Very Good youtube need youtubers like you.

Vitomir Maricic says:

uw stuff kick ass. Cool.

Alvin Manalo says:

Amazing content Mikmik! #FighterBoys

Belle Poeme says:

WOW if that is crazy to do this … but I love your crazy things that you do, I love your vlogs and adventures. Congratulations

amielou daway says:

wow youre so brave…

Tangerine Travels says:

Looks like a blast! We’ll probably be back in Tulum soon, maybe we’ll look up Koox. Enjoy Belize!

Hotel California says:

Mexico, night means mosquito’s so if had replant and the Daddy crocs are at work sure I would dive with the crocs but I’m only semi fearless.

King Mazda says:

Koox means let’s go in Mayan.

sammiibb says:

crazy !

Roy Rendon says:

We miss u here in the Philippines Micmic.. come back please and do more videos.. u are always welcome here..

Nancy Volker says:

your so modest…LOL! checking out …LOL! your always fun to watch stay safe

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