Cozumel Scuba Diving

Dive Sites: Columbia Pinnacles, Columbia Gardens, Palancar Gardens, Dalila, La Francesa Reef
Location: Cozumel, Mexico
Aquatic Life: Nurse Shark (playful), Turtles (many), Pygmy Pipehorses, Lobster (out for some strolls), Crab, Lionfish (getting killed and fed to fish/sharks), Grouper, Baracuda, Stingray, Midnight Parrotfish, Filefish, Trunkfish, Durgeon, Snapper, Flounder
Video: Daniel Summers
Pictures: Justin Price
Music: Kevin MacLeod


Linda Nelle says:

Nice video. Thanks for sharing! I’m a new diver and a music and photos are great! Well done!

Niko says:

Spent 2 weeks of last summer in Isla Mujeres, really close to Cozumel. It is absolutely beautiful. The aquatic life is breathtaking. Love the video.

Swany Swan says:

beautiful video

ch0chko says:

With what camera did you film it ?

flatpicker1234 says:

I will be staying in Cozumel the first week of April. I have heard horror stories about the currents. Is it a fairly save place to dive for your average diver ?

rafael taisma ruiz says:

Tienen a todas las especies que salen en el video estresadas, dando de comer, tocándolos,..que agobio!!! en vez de dejarlos, parte del decálogo de los buceadores en esta inmersión no se cumple. Lo mejor que tiene es la calidad de la imagen.

Mike Gerrie says:

Best dive company out there!!!

Erd425 says:

what underwater housing did you use? nice footage.

Jordi Urquidez says:


scooter videos 101 says:

What did u do to the Lion Fish

Doctor titan says:

did you dive with dressle divers?

Jon Greene says:

Thank you!  What great video.  You have done an excellent job of videography and of capturing many of the Cozumel creatures.  I can use this to show my non diving friends of the sights I often see while diving. Many thanks again.  Jon

Doug Grammer says:

What was dug up from the sand at 12:45? I found one as a kid but have never seen one since and cannot find what it is called. Please help!!

syncitizen says:

Nicely done video. You captured a great variety of critters. Thank you for sharing!!

Morback says:

WTF ?!! Why are you doing that to lions fish ? What’s the point ???

Paddi Davies says:

This is a great video, Daniel, showing everything Cozumel has to offer. I wanted to let you and others know, that Dive with Martin has changed our staff policies and we no longer allow our staff to touch the marine life, other than lionfish, within the marine park. And, if lionfish are caught, they can only be fed whole to critters. They are not be to cut up and hand fed to any marine life. Although customers like to see the marine life up close, we felt it was important for DWM and all the other dive shops to begin to more diligently protect the marine life from human interaction. The sharks and eels are getting too used to humans feeding and touching them. This isn’t the natural order of things. So, although its fun to watch, divers and divemasters will no longer be intentionally touching critters. 

Mangotlo Fumani says:

That was an awesome trick blowing the ring then swimming right through it

T J says:

Will be there in January 16′ UDE Allegro. Hope it’s not windy. Great post thanks.

Belentani says:

Awesome video!
Hope I get the chance to dive there in the future.

Kathy Burch says:

beautiful..we were just there.. what dive shop did you use?

Dominick Campbell says:

is cool

Wsadgaming says:

you can do it TURTLE at 1 minute!

Living the Spu Life says:

Great vid, just dived their this week.
What kind of camera did u use? Go pro?

Ruth Pollock says:

You realize that its illegal to feed the marine life in Cozumel. It is a protected marine area. Your dive master should know better. 

Ben Martin says:

Feeding & playing with nurse sharks, like a child touching Mickey at Disney Land !!!
:-(( Don’t be surprised when the shark will bite you…

ladylai says:

It supposed that you as a diver, shouldn’t touch anything, such as shark, turtles, sea starts, etc. I know that in Cozumel they recommend people to kill lionfish, as they are not originally from the Caribbean, and this helps to keep the population controlled, but this doesn’t justify you touching other things… it’s sad… as a diver you should know this…

Capt Eric Bergeron says:

Great video, thumbs up from us and cheers from sunny IGY Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

Dave Whelan says:

What knobs. Good collection of terrible divers.

drewzy2008 says:

Man that h2o ring was tight. Nice video!!!

Lilly D'Sanz says:

I totally recommend you the Sun Excursions APP if you are thinking on traveling to Cozumel!! =)

Daniel Summers says:

Hey Kathy, I went with Dive with Martin. On this trip I dove with them all three days. Tried several other shops in Cozumel over the past few years but usually go with DwM.

Elias Hossin55 says:


Michael Albach says:

wow i love your video . i wish i was there and i like the ring of air that was really cool 

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