Bull Sharks of Playa Del Carmen, MX with Phantom Divers

Bull Sharks of Playa Del Carmen, MX. We dive with Bull Sharks “Up Close and Personal”. We talk with Phantom Divers behind the scenes. Special thanks to Eli Martinez of Shark Diver Magazine for his interview footage with Charlie.


matt saindon says:

How deep were you guys?

Yura B says:

Good experience! Excellent idea to develop friendship and study, how to befriend with the most aggressive and dangerous bull sharks. Definitely will help to people, if they unexpectedly encounter one to one with such creature to survive and even befriend !

Sacred Grooves says:

OMG–stop feeding them! I you nuts! We swim in those waters. There’s plenty of fish for them to eat! seriously!

Vladi Jani says:

Great video. Which company did you use for this tour?

Mo S says:

Nice dive. You were borderline in deco from what your computer showed. It appeared that you guys took appropriate steps to ascend. Stay safe! I’ll be there in August

Chris Rivas says:

I guess if you are very good at what you do and that makes you happy playing with sharks but you know they are dangerous something could happen at any moment if you’re willing to put your life personally I wouldn’t even try it all sharks do is eat and swim and make baby sharks they’re not contributing to society but all they do is kill and hurt other people personally I think they should be killed all they do is hurt people and take the fun out of their life when they’re not even doing nothing they’re very aggressive so I think the Sharks should be dealt with America stop being so stupid and so nice until it bites your ass get rid of them and stop being so stupid and Society

bennos says:

excellent video! 


One day they’re gonna bite his head off like its nothing and watch how quickly it happens too. Thats when the tourist are going to freak out amd hall ass to the surface causing a comotion and the sharls get excited and eat everyone.

Todd Gierach says:

first nice set of choppers!!!! @ 1:43, 3:04, 3:27……etc…… 2nd how long do the pups remain in the vicinity?

Ingo Miller says:

they shouldn’t feed them! diver’s: don’t support shark feeding, especially frequently visited places. it has big impacts in natural behaviour of the sharks and therefore for the whole eco-system. thx

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