Best Diving in the World. Cozumel , Mexico GoPro Hero3.

My last day of diving on the Cozumel reefs on our month long visit. Nov 12 to Dec 12 , 2012. The first reef is called Caracolillo and the second is Cedral. I was diving with one of my favourite dive company’s ” Dive with Martin” After over 250 dives with this company I can not recommend them more highly. Everyone from the dive masters, Captains, equipment managers and front desk staff are like family to me.

Thank you Orlando for making this dive one of the best of the trip. Also I had a chance to meet once again one of my favourite dive buddies and her husband. I also meet some new dive buddies.

I filmed this with the GoPro Hero2 in 1080p 30fps 16:9 wide aspect ratio. I used the flat lens housing from GoPro. Also at times used 2x Sola 2000’s and a Backscatter magic flip filter with the Snake River Prototyping tray and lockline arms.

I could have done a bit more editing but i think this video would be great while having a coffee and checking you email in the morning. Or even better on your 50″ HD flat panel TV. Please hit like if you are logged into your google or youtube account also click subscribe if you would like to receive updates when my new videos are uploaded.

** adding this product to what I like to use as extension pole for GoPro and edit the title from “Word” to ” World”, lol. Dec/18/2013.


r m smith says:

On a more positive note, film is great

Dive by Jerry says:

nice diving!(Y)

Kathleen Jenkins says:

Hi Mike, Just wondering for Caracolillo and Cedral what was the dive depth

SeikiBrian says:

I realize this video is five years old, but I just discovered it and for the benefit of any newcomers like me I’d like to post a suggestion on underwater videography/photography: with the exception of deep down in some of the crags and crevices, there’s plenty of light at the depth and location where you’re diving so you don’t need an artificial light…and in fact you can see how the light often causes some of the highlights to “blow out.” You can also see, though, by the weird skin tone of the diver, that SOMETHING is needed to fix the color. The answer is a magenta filter over the lens; that will absorb some of the yellow and cyan light, allowing more of the magentas and reds to show, thus making up for the red light absorbed by the water. HTH.

little joey says:

Just learning to dive at the ripe old age of 51 (wish i’d done it years ago) and cozumel is definitely on my to do list probably in 2018. Got trips to greece and cuba first and hoping to get enough experience to do my advanced in mexico. Absolutely stunning film. Thanks

Joel Obando says:

try Napantau, Southern Leyte, Philippines

Robert Ray says:

did you use a filter on this dive. I have a gopro 3 and I am going to cancun soon. Great video.


Pacific blows away anything in the Caribbean

AR15Owner says:

I think I figured out what music you used, here it goes…00:44 – 06:34 Relaxdaily – N 036….06:35 – 10:42 Claudius Vlasak & Alexander Lausch – Endless Spring….10:43 – 16:22 Aaron Static – Amen Tune….Hope this helps,  Bill.

Gabriel Osiris Hernandez Lopez says:

Cozumel Mexico

Al Dolfo says:

Scuba diving but every time you see a turtle the music changes

Nick Miller says:

4:50 My family would love this. #millerfamilybucketlist

AJ Galindo says:

you leave from cancun? im gonna be there in a week and for sure wanna check out cozumel

Danny Garza says:

Do you have to be certified to scuba dive ?

Jay Samy says:

Excellent video… thank you so much for sharing 🙂

Benjamin Esposito says:

I just shot a GoPro video in Cozumel this last week, just curious, I am not an expert film producer. That being said, what is the advantage of filming in 30fps opposed to the 60fps? Maybe the Hero 2 does not have that capability, I am not sure, but wouldn’t you want the highest frame rate possible? Thanks for your help, your video is spectacular! It was my first time diving Cozumel and I must have watched this video a dozen times before the trip! Happy diving.

Southpavv says:

Hey there Mike i was wondering if it was alright to use 15 seconds of this video in a contest. Thank you


Scuba Tom says:

Cozumel is good diving, but not the best in the world.

Christopher Howell says:

Great news! You were right. I didn’t need to be PADI Scuba certified if I’m only snorkeling and feeding some stingrays in Grand Cayman. The receptionist from Shore Excursions Group said so herself. So I am 100% good to go.

1997LT1Camaro says:

You need red filters stat, along with recording in protune and post processing.

Clash On99 says:

I’m going there so I looked it up

Marc-Paul Lee says:

awesome. i’ve visited Cozumel twice, the first time in ’89, and it’s by far my favorite place to dive. this brings back lots of good memories. i’m hoping to go back one day soon with my son.

Juan Arias says:

Cheers Mike… i’ve witness this beauty first hand and i am always amazed at how peaceful the experience can make you feel.

ashton gehret says:

Awesome video did you get to do any spearfishing?

Slėėplëss Öcëån says:

I went to Cozumel on a cruise last year. Amazing and beautiful.

Lin Ronald says:

This is a beautiful part of the world and your video is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

Jose Lomeli says:

best place to dive!!!

lojoha72 says:

11:12. That turtle looks scared as FUCK! There’s like 7 people chasin’ that motherfucker and all he’s doin’ is lookin’ for lunch. What a buncha assholes!!! This is why that reef probly used to look like Finding Nemo and now looks like a South Side OKC tire shop. It’s not THEM…it’s US?!!!

MrPrice2u says:

“Best Diving in the World”? Somebody clearly hasn’t been to Fiji…

Rogue Puff says:

hey this is awesome, i got certified at age 12 and have 9 dives so far, and im going to bonaire this summer and going to do at least 20 dives down there. great video. any times for where to hold me gopro. and u should sub to me or at least check out my 4 scuba diving videos in west palm my first scuba dive

1984maan says:

great video man. I’m going to Playa del Carmen next week. I will have only day of diving, should I do a bull shark/ocean/reef dive or go for one of the cenotes? thanks!

Tonio Iasci says:

+Mike Gerrie Why don’t you use a filter? It improves the colors… Look for SWCY, CY and GR filters.

EmperorGluteusMaximus says:

To anyone considering a dive, just do it. I logged about 5,000 hrs. over 17 yrs. diving from West Palm Beach to Key West, and it never got boring. When you dive open water like this you never know what you may see. And you’ll never run out of stories to tell your friends!

Nigel Blennerhassett says:

Cozumel is not the best diving in the world.

Christopher Howell says:

Hey! I’m gonna be in Cozumel on May 5th on the Carnival Dream from New Orleans.

Vitalie Bucsa says:

nice video, great places and lots of fish! I also went to cozumel this May…but didn’t have a chance to spot some big fish or turtles…hopefully next time! Please check out my GoPro video for cozumel diving and tell me what do you think! have a great day!

Saltfisher 14 says:

Hi im an entry level diver, in fact I’m only 14. If i went with dive with martin do you need experience?

timdetlor says:

Really enjoyed the footage swimming along side the turtle. Well done.

cuteskyxox says:

Truly amazing video! Believe it or not my birthday is on the 11th of December!!! I’m twelve turning 13 soon and when there is next a try dive, my mum is gonna book me in, if I like it I will ask if I could do the open water cert (certification) course! Do u have any diving tips for my mum and I? Yes my mum is a diver and she has been for ages. Anyway I just wanted to say I loved this video!

Galaxyn0va 3 says:

I live right across cozumel, Playa Del Carmen. The beaches there are very nice there to.

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